Point Of Grace "Free To Fly" (2001) -CCM-

Label : Word Entertainment

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - By Heart (Sean Hosein, Dane DeViller & Pam Sheyne)
02 - You Will Never Walk Alone (Lowell Alexander)
03 - He Sends His Love (Jeremy Bose & Paul Evans)
04 - Praise Forevermore (Darlene Zschech)
05 - Blue Skies (Matt Huesmann & Grant Cunningham)
06 - Begin With Me (David Tyson & Steve Siler)
07 - Free Indeed (Glenn Garrett & Wayne Tester)
08 - All That I Need (Grant Cunningham, Matt Huesmann & David Cleveland)
09 - Something So Good (Jack Blades, Jane Vaughn & Brent Bourgeois)
10 - Yes, I Believe (Joel Lindsey & Tony Wood)
11 - La La La (Brent Wilson)

Executive Producers : Shelley Breen, Denis Jones, Terry Jones, Heather Payne
A&R Direction : Loren Balman
A&R Coordinator : Linda Bourne Wornell
Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville, TN

Point Of Grace : Shelley Breen, Heather Payne, Denise Jones, Terry Jones

"By Heart", "Free Indeed", "Something So Good" & "La La La" Produced by David Tyson
Recorded at :
Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN, Assisted by JC Monterosa 
Dark Horse Recording, Franklin, TN
Zl Studio, Los Angeles, CA - Engineered by Michael Lattanzi
American Studio, Los Angeles, CA - Engineered by Bill Cooper
Royaltone Studios, Los Angeles, CA - Engineered by Roger Sommers
Lavender Cottage Studio, Agoura Hills, CA
Mixed by Tom Laune at Bridgeway Studio, Franklin, TN
Computer Editing : Stephen Lotz
Production Assistant (Los Angeles) : Tony DeFranco
Production Assistant (Nashville) : Bridgett Evans O'Lannerghty
Musicians :
Keyboards & Programming : David Tyson
Acoustic Guitars : Dan Deigen
Guitars : Rusty Anderson, Chris Rodriguez
Nylon String Guitar : Alan Darby
Drums : Brian McLeod
Bass : Schuyler Deale
Cello : John Catchings
Piano : Pat Coil
Additional Programming : Michael Lattanzi

"Blue Skies", "Begin With Me" & "You Will Never Walk Alone" Produced by Brown Bannister for RBI Productions, Inc.
Recorded & Mixed by Steve Bishir
Assisted by Hank Nirider (except "You Will Never Walk Alone" Mixed by Tom Laune)
Recorded at The Sound Kitchen, Franklin, TN
Production Coordinator : Traci Sterling Bishir for Sterling Production Management
Assisted by Michelle Bentrem
"Blue Skies"
Drums : Steve Brewster
Bass : Mark Hill
Guitar : Jerry McPherson
Acoustic Guitar : Scott Dente
Piano & Keyboards : Blair Masters
String Arrangement by Carl Marsh
Strings : London Session Orchestra Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London
Concertmaster : Gavyn Wright
Recorded by Jonathan Allen
Assisted by Andrew Dudman
Vocal Arranger Michael Mellett
"Begin With Me"
Drums : Dan Needham
Bass : Jimmie Lee Sloas
Guitar : Chris Rodriguez
B-3 : Blair Masters
Vocal Arranger : Michael Mellett
"You Will Never Walk Alone"
Programming : Bernie Herms
Vocal Arranger : Chance Scoggins

"He Sends His Love", "Praise Forevermore" & "Yes, I Believe" Produced by Nathan Nockels & Tom Laune
Recorded & Mixed by Tom Laune
Strings Recorded by Ronnie Brookshire
Assistant Engineers : Drew Bollman Rob Burrell, Stephen Lotz, Fred Paragano, David Streit
Recorded at The Bennett House, Bridgeway Studios & The Parlor
Mixed at Bridgeway Studios
Production Manager : Bridgett Evans O'Lannerghty
"Praise Forevermore"
Keyboards : Nathan Nockels
Hammond B-3 : Phil Madeira
Guitars Jerry McPherson
Bass Pat Malone
Drums & Percussion : Steve Brewster
"He Sends His Love"
Keyboards & Programming : Dan Muckala
Guitars : Jerry McPherson
Bass : Pat Malone
Drums & Percussion : Steve Brewster
"Yes, I Believe"
Keyboards & Programming : Dan Muckala
Guitars : Jerry McPherson
Bass : Pat Malone
Drums & Percussion : Steve Brewster
Strings : The Nashville String Machine ; Carl Gorodetzky, Contractor
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Tom Howard

"All That I Need Produced by Glenn Garrett for G2 Productions & Wayne Tester for Massmedia Productions
Recorded at Emerald Studios, Nashville, TN ; Testerphonics Studio, Franklin, TN ; Cut Above Studio, Franklin, TN
Track Engineer : Aaron Swihart
Vocal Engineer : Chris Rowe
Overdub Engineers : Jeff Thomas, Wayne Tester & Glenn Garrett
Mixed by Tom Laune at Bridgeway Studio, Franklin, TN
Programming : Wayne Tester
Additional Programming : Glenn Garrett
Guitars : David Cleveland