Morris Chapman "The Artist" (1986) -CCM-

Label : DaySpring Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Song Of Songs (Walt Harrah)
02 - Since God Is For Us (Morris Chapman & Lanny Wolfe)
03 - Yesterday, Today And Forever (Claire Cloninger & Morris Chapman)
04 - The Spirit Of The Lord Is Upon Me (David Binion, Bobby Binion & Lisa Binion)
05 - The Artist (Dottie Rambo)
06 - You're Gonna Know (Morris Chapman)
07 - By This Sign (Delbert Spriggs & Morris Chapman)
08 - Tell Them I'm Coming Soon (Claire Cloninger & Morris Chapman)
09 - Covenant (Shona Sauni)
10 - Totally Yours (Morris Chapman, Niles Borop & David Baroni)

Produced & Arranged by Dick Tunney
Executive Producer : Neal Joseph
String Arrangements by Bruce Koblish
String Arrangement on "Yesterday, Today And Forever" by John Darnall
Horn Arrangements by Michael Wells
Vocal Arrangements by Melodie Tunney
Recorded & Mixed at Stage III Studio, Nashville, TN
Recording Engineers : Brent King & Doug Sarrett
Remix Engineer : Brent King
Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix, Nashville, TN
Rhythm Track on "Totally Yours" Produced by Neal Joseph
Rhythm Track on "By This Sign" Produced by Tommy Coomes

Musicians :
Dick Tunney : Keyboards
Mike Brignardello : Bass
Mark Baldwin, Jon Goin : Electric Guitar
Jerry Kroon : Drums
Sam Bacco : Percussion
The Nashville String Machine, Carl Gorodetzky : Strings
The Terry Mead Brass : Horns
Sam Levine : Sax Solos
First Call (Melodie Tunney, Bonnie Keen, Marty McCall), Beverly Darnall, Steven V. Taylor, Dick Tunney : Vocals

Rhythm Players on "Totally Yours"
Phil Naish : Keyboards
Gary Lunn : Bass
James Stroud : Drums

Rhythm Players on "By This Sign"
Harlan Rogers : Keyboards
Abraham Laboriel : Bass
Hadley Hockensmith : Electric Guitar
Bill Maxwell : Drums
Alex Acuna : Percussion