Millenium "Hourglass" (2000) -Melodic Rock-

Label : Now & Then Productions / Frontiers Records (FR CD066)

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Power To Love (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
02 - Wheels Are Turning (Jorn Lande, Ralph Santolla, Shane French & Manfred Binder)
03 - Hourglass (Jorn Lande, Ralph Santolla, Manfred Binder & Oliver Hanson)
04 - No More Miracles (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
05 - Superstar (Jorn Lande, Ralph Santolla, Shane French, Manfred Binder & Oliver Hanson)
06 - Rocket Ride (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
07 - I Will Follow (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
08 - I Still Believe (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
09 - Masquerade (Jorn Lande & Ralph Santolla)
10 - Chasing Time (Jorn Lande, Ralph Santolla, Manfred Binder & Oliver Hanson)

Produced by Ralph Santolla & Jorn Lande
All Songs Arranged by Jorn Lande, Ralph Santolla, Oliver Hanson, Shane French & Manfred Binder
Mixed by Tom Morris
Engineered by Tom Morris, Ralph Santolla,  Dag Stokke, Jim Morris, Ray Brophy, Shane French, Ronni Le Tekko, Kjartan Hesthagen
Drums & Bass Recorded by Mark Prator & Tom Morris
Mastered by Jon Blamire at The Digital Audio Company
Recorded at Morrisound Recording, Nordic Helmet, Studio Studio (Norway), Startrack Studio (UK)
Mixed at Morrisound Recording

Jorn Lande : Lead & Background vocals
Ralph Santolla : Lead & Background vocals
Shane French : Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Manfred Binder : Bass Guitar
Oliver Hanson : Drums & Percussion

Additional Musicians :
Don Airey : Keyboards on "Hourglass" & "Chasing Time"
Dag Stokke : Keyboards & Grand Piano on "Masquerade", "I Will Follow", "No More Miracles", "The Power To Love"
Howard Helm : Keyboards
Tracy LaBarbera : Additional Vocals, Tambourine & Keyboards

Guitar Credits :
"The Power Of Love"
Main Solo : Ralph Santolla
"I Still Believe"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla
"Wheels Are Turning"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla
Main Solo Ralph Santolla, End Solo - Shane French, Slide Guitars - Shane French
"No More Miracles"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla
Intro - Shane French, Main Solo (First Half) - Shane French, Main Solo (Second Half) - Ralph Santolla
"Chasing Time"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla, End Solo -  Ralph Santolla
"Rocket Ride"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla
"I Will Follow"
Main Solo Ralph Santolla, End Solo -  Ralph Santolla
Main Solo Ralph Santolla

Recorded between June 6th - August 13th, 2000