Matthew Larkin Cassell "The Complete Works" (2010) -Westcoast Rock / Blue-Eyed Soul

Label : Stones Throw Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Rendezvous (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
02 - Heaven (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
03 - Ecoutez Moi (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
04 - You (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
05 - Beggin' To Stay (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
06 - Holiday (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
07 - Another Day Gone (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
08 - One Night (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
09 - In My Life (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
10 - More (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
11 - Fly Away (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
12 - Young Girl (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
13 - Hold Me (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
14 - All I'm Missing Is You (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
15 - Close To You Tonight (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
16 - When I Go Down (Matthew Larkin Cassell)
17 - Love To Love  (Matthew Larkin Cassell)

Original Sessions Produced by Matthew Larkin Cassell
This Compilation Produced by Egon
Restoration by Fantasy Studios, Berkley / Sony Studios N.Y. / Sonicraft, N.J.
Remastering by Jimmy Hobson

"PIECES" (1977)
Matthew Larkin Cassell : Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Gary Arluck : Bass
Jimmy Hobson : Drums
Recorded by Harn Soper at The Music Annex, San Jose
("Rendezvous", "Heaven", "Ecoutez Moi", "You", "Beggin' To Stay", "Holiday", "Another Day Gone", "One Night", "In My Life")

Matthew Larkin Cassell : Vocals, Piano, Guitar
Kriss Light : Vocals
Hope Baldwin : Vocals
Gary Arluck : Bass, Vocals
Jimmy Hobson : Drums
Howie Schonberger : Guitar
Gary Joseph : Congas
Lee Marsdden : Cello
Danny Hull : Sax
Sammy Fowler : Trumpet
Recorded by Harn Soper at Music Annex, Menlo Park
("More", "Fly Away", "Young Girl", "Hold Me", "All I'm Missing Is You", "Close To You Tonight")

Untitled 7" (1980)
Matthew Larkin Cassell : Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Mike Olivola : Bass
Jimmy Hobson : Drums
Recorded by Wilson Dyer at Outback Studios, Oakland
("When I Go Down", "Love To Love)