Gary McSpadden "One Song One Voice" (1986) -CCM-

Label : Word Nashville

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - One Song, One Voice (Gary McSpadden & Gary Driskell)
02 - We Exalt You Lord (Gary McSpadden & Gary Driskell)
03 - The Perfect Rose (Dottie Rambo & Dony McGuire)
04 - Mighty God (Melodie & Dick Tunney)
05 - He Shall Be Praised (Joel Hemphill & Bill George)
06 - You Gotta Be Born Again (Gary McSpadden & Dwight Liles)
07 - The Ship Sails On (Gary S. Paxton & John Stick)
08 - It's All In Who You Know (Bob Farrell & Leonard Ahlstrom)
09 - Sinner Saved By Grace (William J. & Gloria Gaither)
10 - Jesus, Lord To Me (Gary McSpadden & Greg Nelson)

Produced by David Maddux with Gary McSpadden
Executive Producer : Ken Harding
Recorded & Mixed by Jeff Balding
Second Engineer : Billy Whittington
Recorded at Omni Sound Studio, Nashville, TN & Soundshop, Nashville, TN
Mixed & Mastered at Master Mix, Nashville, TN

Musicians :
Piano & Synthesizer : David Huntsinger
Guitars : Jon Goin
Bass : Craig Nelson
Drums : Mark Hammond
Synthesizers : David Maddux
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Strings : The Nashville String Machine
Horns & Winds : Ernie Collins

Choir on "The Ship Sails On", "Sinner Saved By Grace" & "One Song, One Voice" : Melodie Tunney, Karla Worley, Jane Sherberg, Ellen Musick, Beverlly Darnall, Elizabeth Groner, Marty McCall, Chuck Sullivan, John Chisum, Dennis Worley, Gary Robinson, John Sherberg, David Maddux
Background vocals on "Mighty God", "We Exalt You Lord" & "It's All In Who You Know" : First Call (Bonnie Keen, Melodie Tunney, Marty McCall)
Background vocals on "You Gotta Be Born Again" & "The Perfect Rose" : Marty McCall, David Maddux, Mike English
Violin Solo on "One Song, One Voice" : Carl Gorodetsky
Guitar Solo on "One Song, One Voice" : Jon Goin