Steven & Sterling "One Magic Night" (1982) -Soul / Westcoast Soul-

Label : RCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - One Magical Night (Tito Jackson)
02 - Don't Stop (Bobby Nunn & Richard Shaw)
03 - Just One Step (Tito Jackson & Mike McKinney)
04 - I'm In Love With You (Tito Jackson)
05 - Fragile (Tito Jackson & Mike McKinney)
06 - Who Is This Jody (Tito Jackson & David Williams)
07 - Tomorrow (Tito Jackson, Mike McKinney & Rough)
08 - Can I Be With You Tonight (Tito Jackson)
09 - Just Want To Satisfy You (Tito Jackson)
10 - Dead Giveaway (David Williams & Ames)

Produced by Tito Jackson
Rhythm Arrangements by Tito Jackson & Sylvester Rivers
Horn Arrangements by Jerry Hey
String Arrangements by Tito Jackson, Jerry Hey & Larry Cansler
Vocal Arrangements by Tito Jackson

Musicians :
Keyboards : Reginald Burke, Clarence McDonald
Guitars : Paul Jackson Jr., David Williams, Carlos Rios, Tito Jackson
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Bass : Nathan Watts, Nathan East, Scott Edwards, Michael McKinney
Drums : Ollie E. Brown
Synthesizers : Michael Boddicker
Concertmaster : Jimmy Getzoff
Guitar Solo on "Just One Step" by Paul Jackson Jr.
Background vocals : Jim Gilstrap, Roy Galloway, James Nichols, Tito Jackson, Danny Harvey, Kevin Jones, Steven & Sterling, Cheryl Lynn, Jermaine Jackson

Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, CA
Recorders : Tom Perry & Ross Pallone
Mixing Engineer : Tom Perry
Mastered at The Masterling Lab, Hollywood, CA