Mike Post "Music From L.A., Law And Otherwise" (1988) -Various-

Label : Polydor Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Theme From L.A. Law (Mike Post)
02 - Hooperman (Mike Post)
03 - Wiseguy (Mike Post)
04 - Silver Fox (The Theme For Phil Donahue) (Mike Post)
05 - Hunter (Mike Post & Pete Carpenter)
06 - The L.A. Law Suite (Mike Post)
07 - Sunrise (Mike Post)
08 - Still Alive On The 405 (From The Top Floor You Can See All The Way To) (Mike Post)
09 - The Coastline (Mike Post)
10 - Legal Love (Mike Post)
11 - Sunset (Mike Post)

Produced & Arranged by Mike Post for Mike Post Productions, Inc.
Associate Production, Additional Arrangements & Orchestrations on "Hunter", "Wiseguy" & "Silver Fox (The Theme For Phil Donahue)" by Walter Murphy

Electric Bass : Leland 'Lee' Sklar
Drums : Willie Ornelas
French Horns : Vincent DeRosa, David Duke, Ronn Kaufmann, Brian O'Connor, Jim Atkinson
String Bass : Arni Egilsson, Jim Hackman, Steve Edelman
Flute : James Walter
Oboe : Phillip Ayling
Clarinet : James Kanter
Percussion : Gary Coleman, Jeffrey Gerson
Celli : Jesse Ehrlich, Raymond Kelley, Suzie Katayama, Ronald Cooper, Nils Oliver, Tina Soule, Jerry Kessler
Guitar : John  Goux
Saxophone : Dave Boruff
Synthesizers : Pete Robinson, Mike Post
Violins : Sid Sharp, Joe Lyle, Kurt Dieterle, Dorothy Wade, Carl La Magna, Mike Markman, Tibor Zelig, Tristan Del, Harold Dicterow, Henry Ferber, Franklyn D'Antonio, Charles Veal, Bill Kurasch, Pat Johnson

Sequencing Programmed by John Bidasio, Charles Sydnor, Walter Murphy & Mike Post
Contractor : Robert Fowler
Copyist : Barrett O'Hara
Recorded by John Bidasio at Renegade Recording, Burbank, CA
Second Engineer : Charles Sydnor
Orchestral Sweetening Recorded at 20th Century Fox Scoring Stage by Armin Steiner
Mixed by Doug Parry at Smoketree Ranch, Chatsworth, CA
Mastered by Mike Reese at Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA