Laurie Kaye Cohen "Under The Skunk" (1973) -Soft Rock-

Label : Playboy Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Don't Cry (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
02 - Whitney (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
03 - Father (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
04 - The Big Boy In The Sky (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
05 - Delilah (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
06 - The No. 2 Tub (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
07 - Weekend Woman (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
08 - Would You Like To Make A New Friend Today (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
09 - The Road To Heaven (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
10 - Boogie (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
11 - Ain't Nobody Ever Satisfied With A Dream (Laurie Kaye Cohen)
12 - Shall Be Saved (Laurie Kaye Cohen)

Produced by Jay Senter
Arranged & Conducted by Mike Melvoin
Engineers :
Buck Herring - Sunwest Studios, Hollywood
David Henshaw - Trident Studios, London

Guitars : Mike Deasy, Dean Parks, Art Munson
Bass : Leland 'Lee' Sklar, Larry Knechtel
Drums : Jim Gordon
Keyboard : Mike Melvoin, Larry Knechtel
Percussion : Gary Coleman
Flute : Jim Horn
Horn Section : Don Menza, Jim Horn, Plas Johnson, Dick 'Slyde' Hyde, Ollie Mitchell, Lew McCreary, Warren Luening, Paul Hubinon
Fiddles : Billie Armstrong, John Hartford
Vocals : Venetta Fiels, Clydie King, Sherlie Matthews