John Kay "My Sportin' Life" (1973) -Folk Rock / Country Rock-

Label : ABC/Dunhill Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Moonshine (Friend Of Mine) (Les Emmerson)
02 - Nobody Lives Here Anymore (John Kay)
03 - Drift Away (Mentor Williams)
04 - Heroes And Devils (Renée Armand & Kerry Chater)
05 - My Sportin' Life (John Kay)
06 - Easy Evil (Alan O'Day)
07 - Giles Of The River (Donald Fagen & Walter Becker)
08 - Dance To My Song (John Kay)
09 - Sing With The Children (Ron Davies)

Producer : Richard Podolor
Engineer : Bill Cooper
Disk Mastering : The Mastering Lab

With Musical Contributions From : Russ Kunkel, Leland 'Lee' Sklar, Danny Kortchmar, Mike Utley, Larry Knechtel, Richard Podolor, Bill Cooper, Sherlie Matthews, Gloria Jones, Venetta Fields, Stan Farber, Gene Morford, Alan O'Day, Darryl Dragon, George Biondo, Kent Henry, Pentti Glan, Hugh O'Sullivan