Ellen McIlwaine "Ellen McIlwaine" (1978) -Pop Rock / Westcoast Rock-

Label : United Artists Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - We Got Each Other (R. MacKinnon)
02 - Isn't That So? (Jesse Winchester)
03 - You May Be All I Need (J. Leynor)
04 - Money Can't Save You (A. Gerber)
05 - Love And Devotion (C. Wade)
06 - Steal Him Away (Sandy Linzer & R. Kotkov)
07 - (I Gotta) Ramble Just Like You (Ellen McIlwaine)
08 - Lover's Lane (R. MacKinnon)
09 - The Last Good Man In My Life (Elton John & Bernie Taupin)
10 - Don't You Have Any Love In Your Heart? (R. Troy)

Produced by Jerry Schoenbaum for Zembu Productions, Inc.

Vocals : Ellen McIlwaine
Guitar : Ellen McIlwaine
Guitar : T.J. Tindall, Daryll Thompson
Drums & Percussion : Gerry Brown
Keyboards : Cotton Kent
Organ : Jerry Cohen
Saxophone : Bobby Malach
Additional Percussion : Jerry Schoenbaum
String Contractor : Don Renaldo
Background vocals : Ellen McIlwaine, Don & Gerry Moore

Arranged for Zembu Productions & Produced in Association with Larry Gold
Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, New York, Philadelphia
Engineers : Jay Mark, Gerry Block, Michael Hutchinson
Assistant Engineers : Carla Bandini, Jeffrey Stewart
Mixed by Jay Mark
Mastered at Frankford / Wayne, Philadelphia