Mylon LeFevre "Weak At The Knees" (1977) -CCM / Westcoast Rock / Country Rock-

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis This Side
01 - Goodbye Miss Sadness (Dave Loggins)
02 - Let's Get Together (Bob Morrison & Johnny McCrea)
03 - Second Hand Lady (Dave Loggins)
04 - Country John (Allen Toussaint)
05 - Banjo Boy (Michael Duke)

Other Side
06 - All My Love (Jerry Crutchfield & Mylon LeFevre)
07 - Love As One (Mylon LeFevre)
08 - Basic Lady (Allen Toussaint)
09 - Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan)
10 - Understand It (Mylon LeFevre & Steve Sanders)
11 - Old Ship Of Zion (Arranged by Jerry Crutchfield & Mylon LeFevre - Public Domain)

Produced  by Jerry Crutchfield
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Stage Studio, Nashville
Engineer : Warren Peterson
"Basic Lady" Recorded & Mixed at The Sound Shop, Nashville
Engineer : Ernie Winfrey
"Second Hand Lady" Remixed at The Sound Shop, Nashville
Engineer : Ernie Winfrey
Vocal Overdubs at Axis Sound Studio, Atlanta
Engineer : Chip Allen
Remixing on "Country John" & "Girl From The North Country" by Sound Lab, Inc., Los Angeles
Engineer : Jay Lewis

Some Of These Pickers Are Weak At The Knees
Bass : Tom Robb
Drums : Buster Phillips
Guitars : Steve Gibson, Reggie Young, Johnny Christopher, Bobby Thompson, John Rich & Peter Cummings
Steel : Russ Hicks
Banjo : Bobby Thompson
Keyboards : Randy Goodrum, Bobby Wood, Jerry Crutchfield & Bobby Emmons
Percussion : Buster Phillips & Farrell Morris
Harmonica : Charlie McCoy
Fiddle : Buddy Spicher & Johnny Gimble
Background vocals : Tim Baty, Greg Gordon, Yvonne Hodges, Jerry Crutchfield, BMC Choir (Nashville) on "Old Ship Of Zion"