Jimi Tunnell "Jimi Tunnell" (1985) -Lite AOR-

Label : MCA Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - We Put It All Together (A. Godwin, Tommy Mandel & W. Vican)
02 - The Edge Of Night (Arnie Roman & M. Forman)
03 - Glad To See The Light* (Jimi Tunnell)
04 - If It All Comes Around To Love** (Jimi Tunnell)
05 - Too Young To Be Greedy* (Jimi Tunnell & Michael Wooten)
06 - Hold On (C. Strurken & E. Rogers)
07 - All Or Nothing (Arnie Roman & M. Forman)
08 - U-Turn (T. Uzzo)
09 - You Should Have Known* (Jimi Tunnell)

Produced by Mark Liggett & Chris Barbosa
*Produced by Jimi Tunnell & Michael Wooten
**Produced by Jimi Tunnell & Robbie Kilgore
Executive Producer : Sergio Cossa for Emergency Records

Lead vocals : Jimi Tunnell
Keyboards : Robbie Kilgore, C.P. Roth, Rob Schwimmer, Jimi Tunnell, Arnie Roman, Tommy Mandel & Charlie Judge
Bass : Tony Bridges, Jimi Tunnell, Jeff Andrews & Robbie Kilgore
Percussion : Giacomo Servetti, Jeff Nieblum, Jimi Tunnell, Morris Roberts & Mickey Curry
Background vocals : Evan Rogers, Cindy Mizelle & Jimi Tunnell
Horns : Chops
Guitar : Jimi Tunnell
Electronic Programming : Chris Barbosa, Robbie Kilgore, C.P. Roth, Tommy Mandel & Jimi Tunnell

Engineers : Tom Lord Alge, Chris Lord Alge, Wayne Vlcan, Cathy Gazzo, Mike Finlayson & Scott Knoll
Assistants : Cathy Gazzo, Steve Griffin, Kennon Klating & Warren
Mix Engineers : Chris Lord Alge, Tom Lord Alge & Timmy Regisford
Arrangers : Arnie Roman for "The Edge Of Night", Quentin G. Hicks for The Vocals on "U-Turn"
Studios : Unique Recording, New York City & Song Shop Recording, C.O., New York City
Mastered at Secret Sound, New York City