Neil Young ‎"Chrome Dreams II" (2007) -Folk Rock / Country Rock-

Label : Reprise Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Beautiful Bluebird (Neil Young)
02 - Boxcar (Neil Young)
03 - Ordinary People (Neil Young)
04 - Shining Light (Neil Young)
05 - The Believer (Neil Young)
06 - Spirit Road (Neil Young)
07 - Dirty Old Man (Neil Young)
08 - Ever After (Neil Young)
09 - No Hidden Path (Neil Young)
10 - The Way (Neil Young)

Produced by The Volume Dealers, Neil Young & Niko Bolas
All Songs Performed by (except as noted)*
Neil Young : Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Banjo, Harmonica, Grand Pian, Pump Organ, Hammond B-3 Organ, Vibes, Percussion & Vocal
Ben Keith : Pedal Steel Guitar, Lap Slide Guitar, Dobro, Electric Guitar, Hammond B-3 Organ & Vocal
Rick Rosas : Bass & Vocal
Ralph Molina : Drums, Percussion & Vocal

Background Singers :
The Wyatt Earps : Ben Keith, Ralph Molina & Neil Young
The Jane Watts : Nancy Hall, Annie Stocking & Pegi Young
The Dirty Old Men : Larry Cragg, Ben Keith, Ralph Molina, Rick Rosas & Neil Young

*"The Way" 
Choir : The Young People's Chorus of New York City ; Francisco J. N. Nez, Artistic Director/Founder ; Elizabeth N. Nez, Conductor
Choristers : Moraima Avalos, William Cabiniss, Che Elliott, Vera Kahn, Rosa Loveszy, Christina Lu, Jamal Marcelin, Helen Parzick, Lluvia Perez, Owen Smith, Julie Urena, Emily Viola, Reginald Wilson, Catherine McGough & Rebecca Shaw

*"Ordinary People"
Neil Young : Electric Guitar & Vocal
Joe Canuck : Vocal
Frank 'Pancho' Sampedro : Guitar
Rick Rosas : Bass
Chad Cromwell : Drums
Ben Keith : Alto Saxophone
Steve Lawrence : Tenor Saxophone & Keyboards
Larry Cragg : Baritone Saxophone
Claude Cailliet : Trombone
John Fumo : Trumpet
Tom Bray : Trumpet Solo

Recorded at Feelgood's Garage (except as noted)*
Recorded & Mixed by Niko Bolas
Assisting Engineers :
John Hausman, Rob Clark, L.A. Johnson - In Studio Production
Will Mitchell - In Studio Sound
Larry Cragg - Guitar Tech
Harry Sitam - Senior Technical Engineer
Digital Editing - Rob Claek
Analog-Digital Transfers by John Nowland
Mastered by Tim Mulligan

*"Ordinary People"
Recorded at Plywood Analog
Recorded & Mixed by Niko Bolas
Assistant Engineers : Brent Walton & Tim McColm
Digital Editing : Tim Mulligan
Analog-Digital Transfers by John Nowland
Mastered by Tim Mulligan

*"The Way" 
Choir Session Recorded at Avatar Studios, New York City
Recorded & Mixed by Niko Bolas
Assistant Engineer : Colin Pfeifer
End Assistant Engineer : Eric Pfeifer
Choir Arrangements by Darrell Brown & Neil Young