Scherrie & Susaye "Partners" (1979) -Westcoast Soul-

Label : Motown Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Storybook Romance (Scherrie Payne)
02 - Your Sweet Love++ (Susaye Greene-Brown)
03 - Luvbug++ (Susaye Greene-Brown)
04 - Leaving Me Was The Best Thing You've Ever Done (Scherrie Payne)
05 - When The Day Comes Every Night+ (Susaye Greene-Brown)
06 - In The Night++ (Susaye Greene-Brown & Ed Brown)
07 - I Found Another Love (Susaye Greene-Brown & Scherrie Payne)
08 - You've Been Good To Me (Scherrie Payne)
09 - Another Life From Now (Scherrie Payne)

Produced by Eugene McDaniels
Associate Producers : Susaye Greene-Brown, Sherrie Payne & Ed Brown
Arrangements Conceived by Sherrie Payne, Susaye Greene-Brown & Ed Brown
Rhythm Section :
Fender Rhodes : Randy Waldman & Leon Pendarvis
Acoustic Piano : Leon Pendarvis, Randy Waldman, Susaye Greene-Brown+ & Odell Brown
Bass : Abraham Laboriel & Ed Brown++
Synthesizer : Craig Hundley & Odell Brown
Guitar : Jeff Mironov & Alan Silvestri
Guitar Solo on "Your Sweet Love" : Marlo Henderson
Drums : Steve Schaeffer
Percussion : Paulinho Da Costa
Clavinet & Arp : Odell Brown
Horn Section :
Trumpet & Flugel Horn : Gary Grant & Jerry Hey
Tenor & Alto Saxophones, Flute : Larry Williams
Tenor Saxophone : Gary Herbig
Baritone & Tenor Saxophones : Kim Hutchcroft
Tenor, Alto & Bass Trombones, Tenor Saxophone : Bill Reichenbach
Background vocals : Sherrie Payne, Susaye Greene-Brown, Ed Brown, Gene McDaniels, Roy Galloway, Carmen Twillie, Joyce Vincent-Wilson, Venette Gloud, Jim Gilstrap, Bill Champlin, Allen L. Greene III & Kathy Collier
Background Vocal Arrangements : Susaye Greene-Brown, Sherrie Payne & Carmen Twillie
Concert Masters : Bill Nuttycombe & Gerald Vinci
Recorded at Sound Castle Recording Studio & Jennifudy Recording Studio
Recording Engineer : Milt Calice
Mixed & Mastered at Motown Recording Studio
Mixing Engineers : Russ Terrana & Milt Calice
Mastering Engineers : John Matousek & Russ Terrana
Assistant Engineers : Bill Bottrell, Bill Stern, Bino Espinoza & James Warmack
Production Coordinator : Cyndi James-Reese
Production Assistant : Lori Nadlman
Executive Producer : Suzanne de Passe Le Mat

01 - Storybook Romance

Arranged by Alan Silvestri

02 - Your Sweet Love

Arranged by Leon Pendarvis
Horns Arranged by Bill Reichenbach

03 - Luvbug

Arranged by Odell Brown

04 - Leaving Me Was The Best Thing You've Ever Done

Arranged by Alan Silvestri

05 - When The Day Comes Every Night

Arranged by Jeremy Lubbock

06 - In The Night

Arranged by Oldie Brown
Horns Arranged by Larry Williams
Male Vocal : Eugene McDaniels

07 - I Found Another Love

Arranged by Leon Pendarvis
Horns Arranged by Larry Williams

08 - You've Been Good To Me

Arranged by Alan Silvestri

09 - Another Life From Now

Arranged by Jeremy Lubbock
Male Vocal : Eugene McDaniels