Rupert Holmes "Songs That Sound Like Movies - The Complete Epic Recordings" (2018) -Soft Rock-

Label : Cherry Red Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni Disc One : Rupert Holmes - Widescreen (1974)

01 - Widescreen (Rupert Holmes)
02 - Terminal (Rupert Holmes)
03 - Second Saxophone (Rupert Holmes)
04 - Phantom Of The Opera (Rupert Holmes)
05 - Talk (Rupert Holmes)
06 - Bagdad (Rupert Holmes)
07 - Our National Pastime (Rupert Holmes)
08 - Letters That Cross In The Mail (Rupert Holmes)
09 - Soap Opera (Rupert Holmes)
10 - Psycho Drama (Rupert Holmes)

Bonus Tracks

11 - Terminal (Single Edit) (Rupert Holmes)
12 - Philly (Talk Single B-side) (Rupert Holmes)

Live Cuts

13 - Introduction: Terminal* (Rupert Holmes)
14 - Terminal  (Rupert Holmes) (Live)
15 - Introduction: Widescreen* (Rupert Holmes)
16 - Widescreen (Rupert Holmes) (Live)
17 - Phantom Of The Opera (Rupert Holmes) (Live)

*Recorded at The Bottom Line, NYC, 23/4/78

All Words & Music by Rupert Holmes
Arranged by Rupert Holmes & Jeffrey Lesser
Orchestrated & Conducted by Rupert Holmes
Produced & Directed by Jeffrey Lesser

Of all the singles issued from Rupert's first three albums. "Terminal" was the only one to differ from its album counterpart. This marks the single edit's ever appearance on CD.
"Philly" (B-side of US Epic-11014, "Talk", 1973)

Rupert Holmes : Vocals, Piano, Synthesizer, Hammond Organ, Alto Saxophone Solo on "Second Saxophone", Clarinet, Chimes, Electric Piano
Jeffrey Lesser : Background Voices on "Bagdad", Horse's hooves, The Voice of Doom, the sound of Ron Swoboda hitting a deep fly to right center field
Electric Guitar : Vincent Bell, Elliott Randall
Acoustic Guitar : Jay Berliner, Sal Detroit, Stu Scharf, Vincent Bell, Elliott Randall
Electric Bass : Wilbur Bascomb, Russell George, John Miller
Upright Bass : John Miller
Drums : Martin Fulterman, Al Rogers, Jimmy Young
Trumpets : John Frosk, Alan Rubin, Jimmy Sedler, Joe Shepley, Lew Soloff
Trombone : Mickey Gravine, Mico Minardo, Andre Wayne
Bass Trombone : David Taylor
French Horn : Peter Gordon, Bill Hamilton, Bob Karlisle
Reeds : Lew Delgatto, Phil Bodner, Jerry Dodgion, William Slapion, Romeo Panque
Violin : David Nadien, Paul Gershman, Manny Green, Harry Lookofskey, Joseph Malignaggi, Charles McCracker, Elliot Rosoff, Anahid Ajemian, Ruth Buffington, Israel Chorberg, Michael Comins, Sidney Kauffmann, John Palanchian, Irving Spice
Cello : Jesse Levy, Maurice Bialkin, Sally Rosoff, Toby Saks, Seymour Barab, Harry Cykman, George Koutzen, Alan Schulman
Engineers : Jeffrey Lesser And Don Puluse, Doug Pomeroy, Frank Laico, Tim Geelin, Rusty Payne & Stan Tonkel
Assistant Engineers : Bob Clearmountain, Ron St. Germain, Don Wershba, Ted Brosnan, Pete Dauria, Lou Schlossberg & Lou Waxman

Recorded between March 1973 & January 1974 at Media Sound Studios, CBS Recording Studios & CBS 30th Street
Single Version of "Terminal" Edited by Old Heminghway

Tracks 01-11 (1974) - Track 12 (1975) - Tracks 13-17 (2018)

Disc Two : Rupert Holmes - Rupert Holmes (1975)

01 - Too Scared To Sing (Rupert Holmes)
02 - Brass Knuckles (Rupert Holmes)
03 - You Burned Yourself Out (Rupert Holmes)
04 - Deco Lady (Rupert Holmes)
05 - I Don't Want To Hold Your Hand (Rupert Holmes)
06 - Rifles And Rum (Rupert Holmes)
07 - Studio Musician (Rupert Holmes)
08 - Everything Gets Better When You're Drunk (Rupert Holmes)
09 - The Man Behind The Woman (Rupert Holmes)
10 - The Place Where Failure Goes (Rupert Holmes)

Bonus Tracks :

11 - Queen Bee (Rupert Holmes) (Demo For 'A Star Is Born')
12 - Love Out Of Time (Rupert Holmes) (Demo For 'A Star Is Born')
13 - The One Of Us (Rupert Holmes) (Demo For 'A Star Is Born')
14 - Lullaby For Myself (Rupert Holmes) (Demo For 'A Star Is Born')
15 - You Burned Yourself Out (Rupert Holmes) (Rehearsal, Brooklyn, 1975)

Live Cuts :

16 - Queen Bee (Rupert Holmes) (Live at The Bijou Cafe, Philadelphia, 15/04/78)
17 - Introduction: Studio Musician(Rupert Holmes)
18 - Studio Musician (Live at The Bottom Line, NYC, 23/04/78)*

All Words & Music by Rupert Holmes
Produced & Directed by Jeffrey Lesser
Engineered by Jeffrey Lesser & Harry Maslin, Shelley Yakus & Mike Stone
Associate Engineers : Ron Saint Germain, Godfrey Diamond, Flex Head, Kevin Herron, Jimmy Iovine, Rod O'Brien, Mike Braunstein

"Queen Bee", The Bijou Cafe, Philadelphia, April 15, 1978, from Rupert's first ever live show as Rupert Holmes 
"You Burned Yourself Out" Recorded in a loft in Brooklyn, 1975
"A Star Is Born", Demos, 1975, Recorded at Warner-Chappell Publishing's 4-track demo studio, New York, New York
Rupert Holmes : Vocals / Piano / Bass

The Band :
Rupert Holmes : All Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Tack Piano, Moog-ARP-Elka Synthesizers & Clarinet FOX TROT
Jimmy Accardi : Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Solo on "Deco Lady"
Ron Altaville : Electric Bass
Dean Bailin : Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Solos on "Rifles And Rum" & "Studio Musician", Alto Sax
Colonel Jimmy Cathcart : Lead Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Organ, Solo on "Brass Knuckles", Trumpet
Skip Reed : Drums, Latin Percussion, Timpani
Fox Trot & Jeffrey Lesser : Background vocals on "Rifles And Rum"

Remixed at The Lounge (Mediasound) by Jeffrey Lesser
Live Version of "Studio Musician" Edited by Oli Hemingway

Orchestrated & Conducted by Rupert Holmes
Violins : David Nadien (Concertmaster), Charles Libove, John Pintaville, Harry Lookofsky, Max Ellen, Harold Kohon, Joseph Malignaggi, Emanuel Green, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Matthew Raimondi & Harry Cyckman
Celli : Jesse Levy (Concertmaster), George Ricci, Alan Schulman & Charles McCracken
Violas : Emanuel Vardi (Concertmaster), Theodore Israel, Julien Barber & David Jackson English Horn : Lew Delgatto (Concertmaster)
Oboe : George Marge
Alto Flutes : Harvey Estrin, Robert Steen, Lew Delgatto & George Marge
Flute & Piccolo : Harvey Estrin, Robert Steen & David Tofani
Bass Clarinet : David Tofani Bassoons : Ron Jannelli
Trumpet & Flugelhorn : Alan Rubin & Marvin Stamm
French Horn : Peter Gordon & Bob Carlisle
Trombone : Mico Monardo
Bass Trombone : David Taylor

Tracks 01-10 (1975) - Tracks 11-18 (2018)
*Track 17-18 Recorded Live at The Bottom Line, New York, April 23, 1978 with Barry Manilow in attendance. Where appropriate, we have included Rupert's spoken prefaces as separate tracks.

Disc Three : Rupert Holmes - Singles (1976)

01 - Who, What, Whent, Where, Why (Rupert Holmes)
02 - Weekend Lover (Rupert Holmes)
03 - I Don't Want To Get Over (Rupert Holmes)
04 - You Make Me Real (Rupert Holmes)
05 - Aw Shucks (Rupert Holmes)
06 - The Last Of The Romantics (Rupert Holmes)
07 - For Beginners Only (Rupert Holmes)
08 - Touch And Go (Rupert Holmes)
09 - Annabella (Rupert Holmes)
10 - Singles (Rupert Holmes)

Bonus Track

11 - Magic Trick  (Rupert Holmes) (Single Outtake, 1976)

Arranged & Conducted by Rupert Holmes
Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Jeffrey Lesser
Recorded at Plaza Sound & Columbia Recording Studios, New York City
All Words & Music by Rupert Holmes

Tracks 01-10, 1976 - Track 11, 1981

Musicians :

Remastered by Simon Murphy at Another Planet Music
Additional Project Coordination by Charles Donovan