Robert Forman "Cat Juggling" (1985) -Soft Rock-

Label : Scotti Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Only One (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
02 - Choices (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
03 - Jasmine (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
04 - Karma Karma (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
05 - Miracle (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
06 - Turn Signal (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
07 - Cat Juggler (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
08 - Naughty Danny Boy (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
09 - Sara Anjuli (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)
10 - Wednesday (Robert Forman & Linda Teglia)

Produced by Robert Forman & Don Evans in Association with Richard Wise
Robert Forman : Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin & Keyboards
Don Evans : Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Sitar, Guitar & Synthesizer
Keyboards : Ed Martel & Danny Kraus
Drums : Tony Braunagel, Dennis Edwards on "Naughty Danny Boy"
Bass : Terry Wilson & Reggie McBride
Percussion : Mike Tempo & Tom Walsh
Background vocals : Theresa James, Linda Teglia, Richie Wise, The Waters Sisters (Maxine Willard Waters & Julia Tillman Waters), Don Evans & Robert Forman
Special Guest Performance :
Tom Scott : Sax on "Cat Juggler"
Nicolette Larson : Background vocals on "The Only One", "Karma Karma" & "Sara Anjuli"
Stephen Stills : Guitar & Background vocals on "Miracle"
Andy Kaufman : Special Intro on "Karma Karma"
June Pointer : Background vocals on "Karma Karma"
Phil Kenzie : Sax on "Naughty Danny Boy"
Chris Smith : Harmonica on "Wednesday"
Jimmie Haskell : String Arrangements on "The Only One"
Recorded at Mad Dog Studio, Venice, CA ; Devonshire Studios, Hollywood, CA & Santa Monica Sound Studio, Santa Monica, CA
Mixed at Santa Monica Sound Studio, Santa Monica except "Karma Karma" Mixed at Tres Virgo Studio, San Rafael, CA
Engineered by Don Evans, Dusty Wakeman, Tony Papa, Jamey Dell, Ron Malo & Mark Ishikawa
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering