Rhythm House "Rhythm House" (1991) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Myrrh Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Believe (Charlie Hueni, Tommy Sims & Jeff Pummill)
02 - One By One (Charlie Hueni, Dave Innes, Tommy Sims & Jeff Pummill)
03 - The Promise (Charlie Hueni, Dave Innes, Jeff Pummill & Michael Anderson)
04 - Make It Right (Charlie Hueni, Jeff Pummill, Keith Emerson, Tommy Sims, Marvin Sims & Dave Innes)
05 - Time (Jeff Pummill, Dave Innes, Keith Emerson & Kim Pummill)
06 - Keep On Runnin (Kevin Sowers, Jeff Pummill, Tommy Sims, Dave Innes & Charlie Hueni)
07 - The Other Side (Dave Innes, Jeff Pummill, Kevin Sowers, Keith Emerson, Charlie Hueni & Tommy Simms)
08 - I Choose The Man (Dave Innes, Jeff Pummill, Tommy Sims & Kim Pummill)
09 - Hold Me (Dave Innes, Jeff Pummill, Bryan Duncan & Tommys Simms)
10 - Big Book (Tommy Sims & Keith Emerson)
11 - That's The Day (Dave Innes, Marvin Sims & Jeff Pummill)

Produced by Tommy Sims for RBI Productions & Dan Posthuma
Executive Producer : Tom Willett
Assistant Executive Producers : Holly Benyousky & Mike Scanland
Jeff Pummill : Lead & BGVs
Charlie Hueni : plays B-3 & other Keyboard type things & sings
Keith Emerson : plays Bass a sings a note or two
Dave Innesplays piano, T-3 Organ on "Big Book" & Various Keyboard asundries, he does not sing
Kevin Sowers : plays Guitar & that very well
Marvin Sims : who kicks the seta s well as a vocal or 3 & few funnies
Also joining this barrage of talent on occasion, specifically, this one, were :
Tommy Sims who played a bunch of stuff that didn't work, but a few things that did
Also, on a couple of songs for practice sake, we let a few other guys sing a little, their nomes are : Bob Carlisle, Jimmy Marks & Mark Pogue
Also, we had some wonderful people add their beauty and spirit to our music, via, their voices & smiles. Dan Garcia who's assisted by one Robert at Groovemaster's. It was then furthered by the same guy, that being Danny G at a joint up in the canyons of North Hollywood called Roman Foods & Bill Gable
Steve Fisher who recorded us every step of the way, and I do mean every step.
We did this at the dubious location of the famed Music Square East in a most cosmic surrounding called, aptly so, 'The Dugout' a were assisted in these precious 6 to 97 days by one Sir Jeffrey Mingle
We also worked at Charlie's Place, property titled Kaleidoscope, but I like Charlie's Place. And we converged at Quad Studios.
One last trip to L.A. where we were to be met by one Csaba Petocz. And what a beautiful Australian brother he was, for he made us sound as we had never sounded before.
This record was mixed at Sound Chambers in North Hollywood & Mastered by the one and only Howie Weinberg at MasterDisk in New York City