Eloise Laws "All In Time" (1982) -Smooth Soul / Westcoast Soul-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Love Ain't Easy (Bunny Hull & Jeff Hull)
02 - I Got Ya Covered (Clyde Bullard, Ed Fox & Alan Roy Scott)
03 - I've Loved You Somewhere Before (Paul Gordon & Robbie Buchanan)
04 - If I Had My Way (Eloise Laws & Steve Dorff)
05 - While The City Sleeps (Eloise Laws, Patrick H. Robinson & Jacqueline English)
06 - I've Got The Rhythm, You've Got The Blues (Alan Roy Scott, Ed Fox & Jacqueline English)
07 - I Did It For Your Love (Jerry Wiener)
08 - If You Don't Love Me By Now (Sam Hogin, Jim Pasquale & Ralph Murphy)
09 - Weekend (Bunny Hull & Jacqueline English)

Produced by Ronnie Laws & William Jeffery for Little Brother Productions

String Arrangements by Frank Kavelin
Horn Arrangements by William Jeffery
Horn Arrangement on "Weekend" by Hubert Laws

Recorded at Spirit Studios & Lion Share Recording Studios
Recording & Mixing Engineer : Gerry E. Brown
Assistant Engineers : Artie Farkas & Fred Howard
Mastered at Capitol Records
Mastering Engineer : Wally Traugott

Musicians :
Barnaby Finch : Keyboards
Todd Cochran : Synthesizers
Leon Johnson & Charles Meeks : Bass
William 'Bubba' Bryant & Raymond Pounds : Drums
Pat Kelly & Roland Bautista : Guitar
Charles 'Icarus' Johnson : Electric Guitar
Dan Dugmore : Steel Guitar
Concertmaster : William Henderson

Background vocals by Silk (Marlena Jeter, Maxi Anderson & Gwen Machu)
Special Guest Artists :
Hubert Laws : Flute on "Weekend
Ronnie Laws : Sax on "If I Had My Way", "I Got Ya Covered" & "I've Got The Rhythm, You've Got The Blues "