Truth "Makin' It Matter" (1987) -CCM-

Label : The Benson Company, Inc.

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Makin' It Matter (Dave Clark & Don Koch)
02 - Walls Come Down (Geron Davis & Tim Pedigo)
03 - You'll Still Be Lord Of All (John Randolph Cox, Joe Huffman, Reid Hausch & Dorothy Hausch)
04 - Higher Ground (Dave Clark & Don Koch)
05 - It Is Well With My Soul (Michael W. Smith & H. G. Spafford)
06 - I've Just Begun To Fight (Geoffrey Thurman & Becky Thurman)
07 - Like Father, Like Son (Geron Davis, Becky Davis & Tim Pedigo)
08 - All Rise (Babbie Mason)
09 - There Is A Hope (Michele Wagner & David McMullan)

Director & Founder of Truth : Roger Breland
Produced by Stephen V. Taylor
Recorded at Soundshop Studio, Tree International Studio & Downstage Studio, Nashville, TN
Mastered at Master-Mix, Nashville

Players :
Keyboards : David Huntsinger
Synth Programming : John Slick
Bass : Gary Lunn
Drums : Mark Hammond
Guitar : Jon Goin
Horns : Ken Reich, Brian Smith, Robbie Mattix, Michael Walker & Ross Walters

Vocal Arrangements by Steven V. Taylor
Vocal Production Assistance : Gordon Twist
Strings & Brass Arrangements Written & Played by Reed Arvin
Engineered by Brent King, Nicky Michaels & Doug Sarrett
"Higer Ground" Engineered by Keith Compton & Assistant Engineer Andy Ivey
Mixed by Brent King & Steven V. Taylor
"You'll Still Be Lord Of All" : Duet by Lisa Pieper & Mark Harris

Solos :
"Makin' It Matter" : Travis Laws
"It Is Well With My Soul" : Mark Harris & Andy Christman
"Like Father, Like Son" : Wes Tuttle
"I've Just Begun To Fight" : Lisa Pieper
"All Rise" : Gina Walker
"Walls Come Down" : Kevin Anthony
"There Is A Hope" : Alicia Williamson
"You'll Still Be Lord Of All' : Mark Harris & Lisa Pieper

Sax Solos : Ross Walters