Kyle Henderson "More Than The Look Of Love" (1985) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Kerygma Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Gift Of Grace (Kyle Henderson)
02 - Open The Lines (Kyle Henderson)
03 - More Than The Look Of Love (Kyle Henderson)
04 - Beautiful People (Kyle Henderson)
05 - Renaissance (Kyle Henderson)
06 - He's Coming Back (Kyle Henderson)
07 - Sold Out (Kyle Henderson & Dennis Marcellino)
08 - It's You (Kyle Henderson)
09 - Fallen Angel (Kyle Henderson)
10 - All Of My Life (Kyle Henderson)

Produced by Kyle Henderson
Engineered by Brad Aaron
Assistant Engineers : Jeff Park, SDR & Debbie Johnson, Studio Sounds Recorders
Executive Producer : Ken Marcellino
Recorded at SDR Studios, Van Nuys, CA & Studio Sound Recorders, North Hollywood, CA
Mixed at SDR, Van Nuys, CA
Mastered by Mike Reese, The Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA
Kyle Henderson : Lead vocals, Guitars & Bass
Dennis Marcellino : Saxophone & Background vocals
Bob Marshalek : Guitars
All Background vocals by Kyle Henderson, Dennis Marcellino & Warren Ham except "Sold Out" & "More Then The Look Of Love" by Kyle Henderson & Warren Ham And "Fallen Angel" by The Elect Chorus : Kyle Henderson, Dennis Marcellino, Warren Ham, Ralph Moller, Suzy Henderson, Walter H. Robertson, Laurie Ann Alley, Phil Fewsmith, Kate O'Connor & Aaah D. Ham
All Drums : Greg Eckler
All Keyboards : Roger Delaney
Additional Guitars : Mark Moulin on "It's You"