Steve Taylor "I Want To Be A Clone" (1983) - CCM-

Label : Sparrow Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Steeplechase (Steve Taylor)
02 - I Want To Be A Clone (Steve Taylor)
03 - Whatever Happened To Sin? (Steve Taylor)
04 - Written Guarantee (Steve Taylor)
05 - Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' To Kid' Kid?) (Steve Taylor)
06 - Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Numbers Up? (Steve Taylor)

Written & Arranged by Steve Taylor
Produced & Engineered by Jonathan David Brown
Musicians :
Guitars : Kerry Conner
Drums : Cactus Moser
Bass : Brian Tankersley
Sax : Dave Trush
Keyboards : (Featuring The Mighty Farfisa) Steve Taylor
Vocals : Steve Taylor
Bass Guitar on "Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Numbers Up?" : Harry Bruckner
Rights, Raps & Claps on "I Want To Be A Clone", "Bad Rap (Who You Tryin' To Kid' Kid?)" & "Written Guarantee" : The Screaming Chapelaises
Recorded in John Sundberg's Basement
Additional Recording at Bill' House
Mixed at Weddington Studios