Wayne Watson "The Fine Line" (1988) -CCM / AOR-

Label : DaySpring Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Long Arm Of The Lord (Wayne Watson)
02 - That's Not Jesus (Wayne Watson)
03 - The Fine Line (Wayne Watson)
04 - Yesterday's News (Wayne Watson)
05 - Every Now And Again (Wayne Watson)
06 - Untouched By Human Hands (Wayne Watson)
07 - Before My Eyes (Wayne Watson)
08 - No Other Gods (Wayne Watson)
09 - We Belong To Him (Jeff Nelson)
10 - I Could Live Without You (Wayne Watson)
11 - The Fine Line (Reprise) (Wayne Watson)

Produced by Wayne Watson & Paul Mills
Executive Producer : Lynn Keesecker
Engineered by Paul Mills
Arrangements by Wayne Watson & Paul Mills
Recorded at Rivendell Recorders in Houston, TX ; Omnisound in Nashville, TN ; The Bennett House in Franklin, TN & BDR Studio in Covino, CA
Recorded May 28 - September 6, 1988
Sound Engineers : Steve Dady & Chad Williams, Rivendell Recorders ; Mike Curb, The Bennett House & Smitty Price, BDR Studio
Harmonica Overdub Recorded at Omnisound by Carry Summers
Mixed by Paul Mills & Wayne Watson at Rivendell Recorders in Houston, TX
Mastered by Hank Williams at Master Mix, Nashville, TN

Musicians :
Mark Baldwin : Electric Guitar, Acoustic Steel String & Gut String Guitars
Mark Hammond : Acoustic & Electronic Drums & Percussion Programs
Gary Lunn : Assorted Electric Bass Guitars (some with four strings... some with five)
Jerry McPherson : Various Electric Guitars
Smitty Price : Keyboards & More Keyboards
Mark Heimermann : Keyboards on "That's Not Jesus"
Susan Rae Hill : Background vocals
Toni Raider : Duet on "Every Now And Again" & Background vocals on "Yesterday's News"
Buddy Greene : Harmonica Solo on "That's Not Jesus"
The 'Choir' on "We Belong To Him" was made up of Michael Burt, Carol Snipes, Carolyn Christian, Callie Sills, Sallie Sills, Mike & Linda Hudgins, Ann Barbor, Kara McGee, Jere Luck, Biff Adam, Phil Beck, Alan Carpenter, Claude Hand, Paul Farrington, John Armor, Jim Pruitt, Lois Chambliss, Neal Watson & Adam Watson
Wayne Watson : Background vocals, Additional Acoustic Six String & High-Tuned Guitars, Synth Solo on "The Long Arm Of The Lord", Additional Synthesizers & Percussion
Paul Mills : Additional Synth Parts & whatever else we needed... He did it!