Triumvirat "Spartacus" (1975) -Progressive Rock-

Label : Harvest Records

Drapeau de l'Allemagne 01 - The Capital Of Power (Jürgen Fritz)
02 - The School Of Instant Pain (Jürgen Fritz)
        The Gladiator's Song
        Roman Entertainment & The Battle
03 - The Walls Of Down (Jürgen Fritz)
04 - The Deadly Dream Of Freedom (Helmut Koellen)
05 - The Hazy Shades Of Dawn (Jürgen Fritz)
06 - The Burning Sword Of Capua (Jürgen Fritz)
07 - The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty (Helmut Koellen)
08 - The March To The Eternal City (Jürgen Fritz)
        Dusty Road
        Italian Improvisation & First Success
09 - Spartacus (Jürgen Fritz)
        The Superior Force Of Rome
        A Broken Dreams & The Finale

Helmut Koellen : Bass, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals
Hans Bathelt : Drums & Percussion
Jürgen Fritz : Hammond Organ, Moog Synthesizers, Grand Piano, String Ensemble & Electric Piano

This Album was Recorded at EMI Electrola Studio 1, Cologne, between February 3rd & March 4th
Arranged by Triumvirat
Produced by Jürgen Fritz
Recording Engineer : Wolfgang Therbach
Tapes : Helmut Russman
The Album was Mixed at A.I.R. Studios, London, between March 6th & March 13th
Mixing Engineer : Geoff Emerick
Tapes : Pete Henderson