Susanna Hoffs "When You're A Boy" (1991) -Adult Contemporary / Pop Rock-

Label : Columbia Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - My Side Of The Bed (Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg)
02 - No Kind Of Love (Susanna Hoffs, David Kahne, Scott Cutler & Ross Rice)
03 - Wishing On Telstar (Robin Lane & Jimmy Cipolla)
04 - That's Why Girls Cry (David Kahne, Juliana Hatfield & Susanna Hoffs)
05 - Unconditional Love (Cindy Lauper, Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg)
06 - Something New (John Hanes, Cary Sheldon, Susanna Hoffs & David Kahne)
07 - So Much For Love (John Hanes, Pearl E. Gates, Peter Dunne & Hilary Hanes)
08 - This Time (Steve Summers)
09 - Only Love (Susanna Hoffs & Diane Warren)
10 - It's Lonely Out Here (Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly & Billy Steinberg)
11 - Made Of Stone (Jennifer Condos, Susanna Hoffs & David Kahne)
12 - Boys Keep Swinging (David Bowie & Brian Eno)

Produced & Arranged by David Kahne
Mixed by David Leonard except for :
"That's Why Girls Cry" Mixed by Keith Cohen
"Unconditional Love" Mixed by David Leonard, David Kahne & Joel Stoner
"Something New" Mixed by David Kahne
Engineered by David Kahne, David Leonard, Steve Churchyard, Clark Germain & Joel Stoner
Musicians :
Guitar : Rusty Anderson
Keyboards & Programming : David Kahne
Bass : Randy Jackson
Drums : Zachary Alford, Carlos Vega & Gary Ferguson
Additional Guitar : Susanna Hoffs
Additional Bass on "Boys Keep Swinging" : John Entwistle
Background vocals : Susanna Hoffs, Lisa Brenneis, Robin Lane, Eric Bowen, Dan Navarro, Tom Kelly, Maria Vocal, Juliana Hatfield, Donovan Leitch & Michelle Roll
Recorded at :
Sunset Sound, Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineers : Mike Kloster & Mike Piersante
A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineers : Ed Goodreau & Greg Goldman
Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineers : Charlie Paakkari & Ray Blair
Larrabee Sound Studios, West Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineer : Sylvia Massy
Mixed at :
The Grey Room, North Hollywood, CA
Assistant Engineer : Lori Fumar
Larrabee Sound Studios
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Studios