Shirley Caesar "Go" (1981) -CCM / Gospel-

Label : Myrrh Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Go (Leon Patillo)
02 - I Am Determined (Shirley Caesar)
03 - He's Gonna Listen (Paul Overstreet & Tony Brown)
04 - Glad You Came My Way (Joe Simon)
05 - I'm Going Through (Shirley Caesar & Steve Twinman)
06 - Lost (Shirley Caesar)
07 - You're All I Need (Amy Corin, Carl Dobbins, Cliff Richmond, Kenny Bledsoe & Leonard Wolf)
08 - Didn't We Papa (Aaron Wilburn)
09 - Give Me A Clean Heart* (Margaret Pleasant Douroux)
10 - We Can Change The World** (James Hill & Shirley Caesar)

Produced by Tony Brown
Co-Produced by Shirley Caesar
Recorded & Mixed at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
Engineered by David McKinley, Robert Jackson & Norbert Putnam
Track Arrangements by Tony Brown & Billy Blackwood
String Arrangements by Sanchez Harley & Lloyd Barry
Vocal Arrangements by Shirley Caesar & Donna McElroy
Mastered by Hank Williams at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, TN
Musicians :
Keyboards : Bobby Emmons, Shane Keister, Clayton Ivey, Tony Brown & Michael Mathis
Guitars : Reggie Young
Bass : Bob Wray
Drums : Larrie Londin
Percussion : Farrell Morris
Background vocals by The Shirley Caesar
Singers & Donna McElroy, Evanne Hodges & Vicki Hanson
*Solo by Bernard Sterling Jr.
**Background vocals by The Saint James Missionary Baptist Church Choir, Nashville, TN, Albert Murray, Director