Sammy Hall "Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream" (1977) -CCM-

Label : NewPax Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Turn, Turn, Turn (Pete Seeger)
02 - Let Your Love Flow (Larry E. Williams)
03 - The Devil Is Like A Searching Wind (Gary S. Paxton)
04 - The World Didn't Give It To Me (Gary S. Paxton, Bill & Gloria Gaither)
05 - Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dream (Gary S. Paxton & Sammy Hall)
06 - Past The Point Of No Return (Gary S. Paxton & Sammy Hall)
07 - Circles, Those Crazy Circles (Sammy Hall)
08 - Ode To The Outlaw (Gary S. Paxton)
09 - Hide 'N Watch (Gary S. Paxton)
10 - The Best To You (Sammy Hall)

Produced by Gary S. Paxton & Bob MacKenzie
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Don Tweedy
Horns Arranged & Conducted by Buddy Skipper
Recorded at Sound Stage Studio, Nashville, Tennessee
Engineers : Warren Peterson, Travis Turk, Brent King & Gary S. Paxton
Background vocals by The Gary S. Paxton Singers
Remix Engineers : Warren Peterson & Gary S. Paxton
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee
Synthesizers & Sound Effects by Mike Cain, Scott Frost & Alan Kith
Drums : Kenny Malone
Bass : Steve Schaffer & Jesse Boyce
Keyboards : Randy Goodrum, Buddy Skipper, Hargus Robbins & Tony Myland
Guitars : Reggie Young, Pete Wade, Harold Bradley & Jimmy Capps
Percussion : Mellow Mel Owens
Horns by Skipper's Trippers
Strings by The Shelly Kurland Strings