Morgan Cryar "Keep No Secrets" (1984) -CCM / AOR-

Label : Star Song Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Holy Fire (Morgan Cryar & Twila Paris)
02 - Concealed Weapon (Morgan Cryar & John Andrew Schreiner)
03 - Keep No Secrets (Morgan Cryar & Jonathan David Brown)
04 - A Few Of My Old Friends (Morgan Cryar)
05 - I Wanna Be Good (Rick Crawford)
06 - Made-Up Mind (Morgan Cryar & John Andrew Schreiner)
07 - Life In The Blood (Lisa Brady)
08 - Someone To Change Me (Jonathan David Brown & Morgan Cryar)
09 - Just A Little Like You (Morgan Cryar & Jonathan David Brown)
10 - I Get Carried Away (Morgan Cryar & John Andrew Schreiner)

Produced & Recorded by Jonathan David Brown
Recorded at :
Rivendell Recorders, Pasadena, TX
Additional Engineers : Brian Tankersley, Paul Mills & Dan Yaney
Mama Jo's Recording Studio, North Hollywood, CA
Additional Engineers : Todd Van Etten & Steven Ford
Peace In The Valley Recording Studio, Arleta, CA
Additional Engineers : Joe Bellamy
Weddington Studios, North Hollywood, CA
Additional Engineers : Greg Butler, Wally Grant & Mike Ross
Fireside Studios, Nashville, TN
Additional Engineer : Roger Holmes
Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA by Steve Hall
Arrangements by John Andrew Schreiner, Jonathan David Brown & Morgan Cryar
Musicians :
All Keyboards Sequencer Programming : John Andrew Schreiner
Oberheim DMX Programming (Drum Machine Programming) : Jonathan David Brown
Fairlight Synthesizer Played & Programmed by Carl Marsh
All Guitars : Marty Walsh except Solo on "Life In The Blood" by Adam Smith
Cymbal Overdubs : Scott Moser
Alto Saxophones : Dave Trush
Tenor Saxophones : Brandon Fields
Synclavier Programming : Paul Mills
Background vocals : Morgan Cryar, Chris Roberts, Bob & Jayne Farrell & Jonathan David Brown
Female Voice on "Holy Fire" : Jayne Farrell