Maarten Peters "A Scary Tale" (1991) -Soft Rock-

Label : EMI Bovema B.V.

Drapeau des Pays-Bas 01 - A Seary Tale (Maarten Peters)
02 - One Day I'll Come To You (Maarten Peters)
03 - Playing The Blues (Maarten Peters)
04 - Surrender (Maarten Peters)
05 - Young Soldier (Maarten Peters)
06 - Fighting For Our Queen (Maarten Peters)
07 - I Can't Have It All (Maarten Peters)
08 - My Sleeping Beauty (Maarten Peters)
09 - That's Got Noting To Do With It (Maarten Peters)
10 - Magic Moments (Maarten Peters)

Produced & Arranged by Peter Schön & Maarten Peters
Recorded at Volière Studios, Haarlem, Holland
Pre Production at Bechive Studios, Zaandan, Holland
Engineered by Rob Ten Bokum, Assisted by Jen Textra
Mixed by Rob Ten Bokum & Maarten Peters
Mastering at The Masters

Many thanks to Peter Schön for his beautiful playing, Rob Ten Bokum for making the impossible possible and doing so much with so little sleep, Jan Textra for helping us out, Lex Bolderdijk, Peter Tiehuis, Marcel Serierse, Eddy Conard, Gerbrandt Westveen, Eelco Ondolf, Pieter v/d Dolder, Margriet Eshuijs, Lisa Boray, Jessica Kennedy, Edward Reekers, Omar Supra & Steve Clisby for their great contribution