Glynna Session "Glynna Session" (1978) -CCM / Gospel-

Label : Chrism Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Free At Last (Gary S. Paxton & Bill Gaither)
02 - Lord, You've Been Too Good To Me** (Gary S. Paxton)
03 - Jesus Keeps Takin' Me Higher & And Higher** (Gary S. Paxton)
04 - The World Didn't Give It To Me** (Gary S. Paxton, Bill Gaither & Gloria Gaither)
05 - How Much I Owe** (Glynna Session)
06 - He Was There All The Time** (Gary S. Paxton)
07 - Lord, It Comes In All Colors* (Debra Paxton, Gary S. Paxton & Melody Paxton)
08 - Home (Glynna Session)
09 - Testimony Medley (Part 1 - Glynna Session & Part 2 - Eddie Robinson)

Produced by Gary S. Paxton
Basic Track Arranged & Conducted by Gary S. Paxton
Production Assistance by John Darnall & Warren Peterson
**Horns & Strings Arranged And Conducted by John Darnall
*Horns & Strings Arranged And Conducted by Don Tweedy
Recorded at :
Sound Stage Studios, Inc., Nashville, TN
Pinebrook Studios, Alexandria, IN
Engineers : Warren Peterson, Brent King, Chris Banninger & Gary S. Paxton
Mastered by Glenn Meadows, Masterfonics, Inc., Nashville, TN
Background vocals by The Gary S. Paxton Singers
Additional Background vocals by The Novella Williams Singers
Kids on "Lord, It Comes In All Colors" : Debra Paxton, Melody Paxton & Bill Dickerson
Music by the Soundstage Superpickers :
Kenny Malone, Hayward Bishop & Bob Gelotte : Drums
Jesse Boyce : Bass
Randy Goodrum, Shane Keister & Jesse Boyce : Keyboards
Farrell Morris & Mel Owens : Percussion
Reggie Young : Guitars