Blind Faith "Walk On Fire" (1989) -AOR-

Label : MCA Records / UNI Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Blind Faith (David Cairns)
02 - Wastelands (David Cairns)
03 - Crime Of Loving You (David Cairns)
04 - Tell It Like It Is (Dennis Smith, Alan King & David Cairns)
05 - Caledonia (Alan King)
06 - Hearts Of Gold (David Cairns)
07 - Hands Of Time (David Cairns)
08 - Hungry For Heaven (David Cairns)
09 - Miracle Of Life (David Cairns)
10 - Close My Eyes (David Cairns)

Produced & Engineered by Walter Turbitt
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Studio Credits
Recorded & Overdubbed at :
The Manor, Oxford, England
Outside Studios, Hook End Manor, Henley, England
Ridge Farm, Surrey, England
"Crime Of Loving You", "Blind Faith" & "Hands Of Time" Mixed at Bluejay Studios, Boston, Mass.
"Hearts Of Gold" & "Miracle Of Life" Mixed at Livingston Studios, London
"Hands Of Time" Recorded & Mixed Bluejay Studios, Boston, Mass.
"Close My Eyes", "Hungry For Heaven", "Wastelands", "Caledonia" & "Tell It Like It Is"
Mixed at Outside Studios Hook End Manor, Henley, England

David Cairns : Keyboards
Alan King : Lead vocals
Mike Casswell : Guitars
John Henderson : Drums