Anne Murray "You Will" (1990) -Country Pop-

Label : Capitol Records / Capitol Nashville

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Hold Me (Just A Little Longer Tonight) (Graham Lyle & Troy Seals)
02 - New Way Out (Randy Sharp)
03 - Bluebird (Ron Irving)
04 - Wrong End Of The Rainbow (Richard Leigh & Milton Blackford)
05 - Mean Old Moon (Sandy Ramos & Bob Regan)
06 - You Will (Randy Sharp, Pam Rose & Mary Ann Kennedy)
07 - The Final Say (Jeff Silbar)
08 - Feed This Fire (Hugh Prestwood)
09 - A Little Short Of Love (Kye Fleming & Mary Ann Kennedy)
10 - A New Moon, An Old Flame And You (Barry Brown, Bob Morrison & Eric Emerson)

Produced by Jerry Crutchfield
Digitally Recorded at Music Mill by Jim Cotton & Assisted by Paul Goldberg & David Boyer
Overdubs Recorded by Ken Friesen at Manta Sound Company in Toronto, Ontario
Additional Overdubs Recorded by Scott Hendricks, Tom Perry, Ron Reynolds & Billy Sherrill at Digital Recorders, Soundstage Studios, Scruggs Sound Studio & Treasure Isle Recorders, Nashville, Tennessee
Assistant Overdub Engineers : Michael Colombo, David Boyer, Paul Montondo & Pat Hutchinson
Anne Murray Vocals Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto
Remixed by John Guess at Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee
Assistant Remix Engineer : Russ Martin
Production Coordinator : Marty Craighead
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Masterfonics
Digital Editing by Milan Bogdan

Musicians :
Drums : Eddie Bayers
Bass : Michael Rhodes
Piano : Doug Riley & Clayton Ivey
Synthesizer : Mitch Humphries, Mike Lawler & Clayton Ivey
Hammond B-3 Organ : Clayton Ivey
Acoustic Guitar : Billy Joe Walker Jr.
Electric Guitar : Larry Byrom & Reggie Young
Congas, Harmonica & Wind Chimes : Terry McMillan
Fiddle : Rob Hajacos
Mandolin : Mark O'Connor

The A Strings Arranged by Bergen White

Background Singers : Bruce Murray, Debbie Chaal, Hurshall Wigginton, Chris Young & Liana Young