Stanley Clarke / George Duke "The Clarke / Duke Project II" (1983) -Jazz-Funk / Contemporary R&B-

 Label : Epic Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Put It On The Line (Stanley Clarke)
02 - Heroes (George Duke)
03 - Try Me Baby (George Duke)
04 - Every Reason To Smile (Stanley Clarke & George Duke)
05 - Great Danes (Stanley Clarke & George Duke)
06 - The Good Times (George Duke & Stanley Clarke)
07 - You're Gonna Love It (George Duke & Stanley Clarke)
08 - Trip You In Love (T.M. Kenelick & K.A. Parker)
09 - Atlanta (Stanley Clarke)

Produced by Stanley Clarke & George Duke for Contemporary Artists Enterprises, Inc. & George Duke Enterprises
Tommy Vicari : Tracks & Mixing
Tom Perry : Additional Engineering
Le Gonks West : All Tracks & Overdubs
Sound Castle : Strings
Fantasy Studios "D" : Mixing using the Mitsubishi 2TK digital machine 
Nick Spigel : Second Engineer, Le Gonks West
Mitch Gibson : Second Engineer, Sound Castle
Mike Herbick : Second Engineer, Fantasy Studios
George Del Barrio : String Arrangements ("Try Me Baby" & "Atlanta")
Mastered at Allen Zentz Mastering by Brian Gardner

Stanley Clarke : Vocals, Basses, All Guitar sounds made by The Alembic, Piccolo Bass & The Carl Thompson Piccolo Bass
George Duke : All Keyboards & Vocals
John 'JR' Robinson : Drums
Narada Michael Walden : Drums ("Trip You In Love")
Billy Cobham : Drums ("Atlanta")
Paulinho Da Costa : Percussion ("Trip You In Love")
William Criss : Oboe ("Try My Baby")
Jeffrey Osborne : Vocals (First Verse on "Every Reason To Smile")
Howard Hewett : Vocals (Second Verse on "Every Reason To Smile")
Lynn Davis : Vocals ("Every Reason To Smile") & Background vocals ("Trip You In Love")
Background vocals on "Trip You In Love" : Sylvia St. James, Debra Starr, Cruz Sembello, Clydene Jackson, Julia Tillman Waters, Maxine Willard Waters, Deborah Thomas & Portia Griffin
Strings : Paul Sure, Murray Adley, Brenton Banks, Dixie Blackstone, Harry Bluestone, Bonnie Douglas, Ron Folsom, Ed Green, Reg Hill, Pat Johnson, Nat Ross, Bob Sushel, Allan Harshman, Rollice Dale, Gary Nuttycombe, Dave Schwartz, Ray Kelley, Ron Cooper, Barbara Hunter, Jan Kelley & Katie Kirkpatrick