Raw Stylus "Pushing Against The Flow" (1995) -Acid Jazz-

Label : Geffen Records / M & G Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Pushing Against The Flow (Ron Aslan & M.J. Brookes)
02 - Believe In Me (M.J. Brookes, Donna Gardier & Ski Oakenful)
03 - Hours (In The USA) (M.J. Brookes & Jeremy Shaw)
04 - Kings Cross / Daybreak (R. Aslan, M.J. Brookes & Donna Gardier)
05 - Higher Love (M.J. Brookes, J. Lipsey, Jeremy Shaw & R. Reid)
06 - Cuban King Breeze (M.J. Brookes & Jeremy Shaw)
07 - Tuesday Afternoon (Ron Aslan, M.J. Brookes & Donna Gardier)
08 - Ridequake (Ron Aslan & M.J. Brookes)
09 - Pass Me By (Ron Aslan, M.J. Brookes, Donna Gardier & Jeremy Shaw)
10 - Hungry People (M.J. Brookes)
11 - Change (M.J. Brookes & N. Jones)

Produced by Gary Katz & Raw Stylus
Recorded & Overdubbed at River Sound, NYC & Swanyard, London
Except "Change" Produced by Raw Stylus 
Recorded at Trident, London
Horn Arrangements by Lou Marini & Jules Brookes
Recording Engineers : David Michael Dill, Elliot Scheiner & Ron Aslan
Additional Engineering : Phil Burnett & Jay Ryan
Second Engineers : Anthony Gillis & Tony Gonzalez
Mixed by Bob Power at Battery Studios, NYC
Second Engineer : Martin Czembor
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Studios, NYC

Musicians :
Jules Brookes & Ron Aslan : Programming on All Tracks
Jules Brookes : Lead & / or Background vocals on All Tracks (except B.V's on "Kings Cross / Daybreak"), Lead Guitar on "Tuesday Afternoon", Rhythm Guitar on "Pass Me By", Acoustic Guitar on "Hungry People", Cuban King Breeze" & "Believe In Me", Piano, Clavinet & Synth on "Kings Cross / Daybreak", Minimoog on "Pushing Against The Flow"
Donna Gardier : Lead & / or Background vocals on All Tracks
Jonathan Maron : Bass on All Tracks except "Change"
Bernard Purdie : Drums on All Tracks (except "Ridequake" & "Change")
Genji Siraisi : Drums on "Ridequake"
Trevor Murrell : Dums on "Change"
Merve DePeyer : Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer on "Cuban King Breeze", Rhodes on "37 Hours" & Piano on "Ridequake" & "Hungary People"
Dominic Ski : Rhodes, Minimoog & Hammond on "Believe In Me"
Rikki Reid : Clavinet on "Ridequake" & "Change"
Elliot Randall : Lead Guitar on "Cuban King Breeze" (Solo) & "37 Hours", Guitar on "Pass Me By", "Hungry People" & "Ridequake"
Ski Oakenfull : Clavinet & Minimoog on "Pushing Against The Flow", Clavinet & Hammond on "Tuesday Afternoon" & Hungry People", Hammond on "Pass Me By"
Nemo Jones : Guitar on All Tracks except "Kings Cross / Daybreak" & "Ridequake", Guitar Solo on "Pushing Against The Flow"
Jeremy Shaw : Lead Synthesizer on "Higher Love", Minimmog on "Cuban King Breeze", 2nd Piano on "Hungry People"
Bashiri Johnson : Percussion on "Ridequake", "Kings Cross / Daybreak", "Tuesday Afternoon", "Believe In Me", "Pass Me By" & "Hungry People"
Lou Marini : Tenor & Alto Sax on "Pushing Against The Flow", "Tuesday Afternoon", "Believe In Me", "37 Hours", "Cuban King Breeze", "Kings Cross / Daybreak", "Pass Me By" & Ridequake"
Ronnie Cuber : Baritone Sax on "Pushing Against The Flow", "Tuesday Afternoon", "Believe In Me", "37 Hours", "Cuban King Breeze", "Kings Cross / Daybreak", "Pass Me By" & Ridequake"
Dave Bargeron : Trombone on "Pushing Against The Flow", "Tuesday Afternoon", "Believe In Me", "37 Hours", "Kings Cross / Daybreak" & Ridequake"
Randy Brecker : Trumpet / Flugelhorn on "Pushing Against The Flow", "Tuesday Afternoon", "Believe In Me", "37 Hours" & "Cuban King Breeze"
Lew Soloff : Trumpet on "Kings Cross / Daybreak" & Ridequake"
Andrew Ross : Flute on "Change"
Jim Hunt : Sax on "Change"
Matt Coleman : Trombone on "Change"
Bill Ware : Vibes on "Kings Cross / Daybreak", "Ridequake" & "Higher Love"
Hugh McCracken : Harmonica on "Hungry People" & "Ridequake"
Donald Fagen : Synthesizer on "37 Hours"
Diosa Gary : Background vocals on "Hungry People"
Nicole Willis : Background vocals on "Hungry People"
Mark Anthony : Background vocals on "Believe In Me"
Angela Murell : Background vocals on "Change"
Rikki Reid : Clavinet on "Ridequake"
Michael Buffer : Ring Announcer on "Pushing Against The Flow" & "Cuban King Breeze"