Heatwave "Central Heating" (1978) -Soul / Smooth Soul-

Label : CBS Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Put The Word Out (Rod Temperton)
02 - Send Out For Sunshine (Rod Temperton)
03 - Central Heating (Rod Temperton)
04 - Happiness Togetherness (Johnnie Wilder Jr.)
05 - The Groove Line (Rod Temperton)
06 - Mind Blowing Decisions (Johnnie Wilder Jr.)
07 - The Star Of A Story (Rod Temperton)
08 - Party Poops (Rod Temperton)
09 - Leavin' For A Dream (Rod Temperton)

Produced by Barry Blue
Orchestration - Arranged & Conducted by John Cameron
Recorded in London at Utopia Studios, Morgan Studios, Audio International Studio, Marquee Studios & Air Studios
Engineered by James Guthrie, except "Send Out For Sunshine" by James Guthrie & Geoff Calver
Remix Engineer : James Guthrie 
Assisted by Andy Jackson
Assistant Engineers : Andy Jackson & Mike Hedges

Johnny Wilder Jr. : Lead, Backing & Choir Vocals, Congas
Rod Temperton : Fender Rhodes Piano, Clavinet & Synthesizers, Acoustic Pianos, Organ (Betsy)
Keith Wilder : Lead vocals
Mario Mantese : Bass Guitar
Eric Johns : Electric Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Spanish Guitar
Ernest Berger : Drums & Timbales
Roy Carter : Rhythm & Bass Guitars, Fender Rhodes Piano, Acoustic Piano

Additional Thanks for :
Percussion (Toys) : Frank Ricotti & Tristan Fry
Trombone Solo on "Happiness Togetherness" : Chris Payne
Acoustic Bass on "Leaving' For A Dream" : Ron Mathieson
Strings Leader : Pat Hallings