Charlie Peacock "The Secret Of Time" (1990) -CCM / Blue-Eyed Soul-

Label : Sparrow Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Big Man's Hat (Charlie Peacock)
02 - The Way Of Love (Charlie Peacock & Bongo Bob Smith)
03 - One Thing (Charlie Peacock)
04 - Put The Love Back Into Love (Charlie Peacock)
05 - Almost Threw It All Away (Charlie Peacock)
06 - The Secret Of Time (Charlie Peacock)
07 - Dear Friend (Charlie Peacock)
08 - Heaven Is A Real Place (Charlie Peacock)
09 - Drowning Man (Charlie Peacock)
10 - Experience (Charlie Peacock)

Produced by Brown Bannister for RBI Productions
Executive Producer : Peter York

Musicians :
Jimmy A : Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Chris McHugh : Drums & Percussion
Jerry McPherson : Electric Guitar
Charlie Peacock : Arranging, Keyboards & Percussion Programming
Tommy Sims : Bass
Roger Smith : Hammond B-3 & Keyboard Solo

Additional Musicians :
Jeff Boggs : Synclavier Programming
Michael Butera : Saxophone Solo
Trent Dean : Percussion
Byron House : Fairlight Programming
Blair Masters : Keyboards & Sampling
Bongo Bob Smith : Percussion
George Tidwell : Trumpet Solo
Rick Will : Les Paul & Marshall

Vocalists :
Charlie Peacock : Lead vocals
Vince Ebo : Background vocals, Background vocals Arranging & Additional Male Soloist
Annie Stocking : Background vocals, Background vocals Arranging & Female Soloist

Additional Background Vocalists :
Wayne Kirkpatrick & Margaret Becker on "Heaven Is A Real Place"
Alexia Abegg, Molly Ashworth, Sam Ashworth, Ellie Bannister & Eric Volz on "Dear Friend"

Tracks Recorded by Jeff Balding
Additional Tracks ("The Secret Of Time" & "Dear Friend") Recorded by Brown Bannister
Overdubs Recorded by Brown Bannister
Additional Overdubs Recorded by Byron House & Daryl Zachman
Mixed by Jeff Balding
Additional Mixes ("Dear Friend", "Heaven Is A Real Place", "One Thing") by Rick Will
Assistant Engineers : Steve Bishir, Shawn McLean, Roy Gamble, Mark Nevers, Todd Culros & Graham Lewis
Studios : The Bennett House, The Castle, Franklin, TN
Quad Studio, OmniSound Recording Studio, Sixteenth Avenue Sound, Backstage, Nashville, TN
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, CA