Venice "Into The Morning Blue" (2017) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : Lennon Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Sunrise (August Of '69) (Kipp Lennon, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon, Pat Lennon, Mark Harris, Scott Crago & Monroe Jones)
02 - Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon, John Vester & Pat Lennon)
03 - Into The Morning Blue (Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon & Pat Lennon)
04 - A Wealthy Man (Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Pat Lennon & Mark Lennon)
05 - In A Heartbeat (Kipp Lennon, Monroe Jones, Michael Lennon, Mark Lennon & Pat Lennon)
06 - If You Hear This Song (Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Michael Lennon & Pat Lennon)
07 - A Dance By The River (Mark Lennon, Kipp Lennon, Michael Lennon, Pat Lennon, Mark Harris, Scott Crago & Monroe Jones)
08 - Suddenly You Walked In (Kipp Lennon, Nelson Kole & George Acogny)

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Michael Lennon
Recorded at Lennon Music Studios, The Purple Palace & Rustic Velvet Studios
Mastered by David Donnelly - DNA Mastering

Venice :
Pat Lennon : Vocals & Guitars
Mark Lennon : Vocals
Kipp Lennon : Vocals
Michael Lennon : Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass & Keys

Additional Musicians :
Mark Harris : Bass
Erik Eldenius : Drums
Harry Waters : Piano on "Suddenly You Walked In"
Rich Mangicaro : Percussion
Paul Mirkovich : Additional Keyboards