Gino Vannelli "Yonder Tree" (1995) -Soft Rock / Jazz Rock-

Label : PolyGram Records / Verve Forecast

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Walter Whitman Where Are You (Gino Vannelli & Brock Walsh)
02 - Fallen In Love (Gino Vannelli & Mark Frazier)
03 - You Owe It To Yourself (Gino Vannelli & Roy Freeland)
04 - A Little Bit Of Judas (Gino Vannelli)
05 - Unbearably Blue (Gino Vannelli & Brock Walsh)
06 - Jehovah And All That Jazz (Gino Vannelli & Brock Walsh)
07 - None So Beautiful (Gino Vannelli & Roy Freeland)
08 - I Die A Little More Each Day (Gino Vannelli & Brock Walsh)
09 - Come To The Well (Gino Vannelli)
10 - Moon Over Madness (Gino Vannelli & Brock Walsh)

The Portland Rhythm Section in :
Randy Porter on Acoustic Piano
Phil Baker on Acoustic Upright Bass
Graham Lear on absolutely Acoustic Drums (love these guys)

Brother Joe Vannelli plays the Vibes Marimba, Organ & other black & white delights (and uncreditable contributions, reason being blood is thicker than water) Oh yeah... great Strings & Horns
Chuck Findley on Trumpet, Flugelhorn & Trombone (he's so good, I Get sick)
Tom Scott plays Tenor & Soprano Sax (him too)
Israel Annoh plays the Congas, Bongos & Percussion
Bruce Smith also on Percussion
Young Patrick Lamb gets in a good solo on his Tenor Sax on "Little Bit Of Judas"
The Acoustic Guitar, Nylon String & Tipple are all Cal Scott's fault (nice work)
The silken voices backing me on "None So Beautiful", belong to Patti Henley, Robert Henley III, Ronald Henley (I thought Italians were bad) & Brenda L. Eager
Can You Imagine Gregory Hines doing a tap solo on "Fallen In Love" all for two contraband cigars, matching case & my best hug (I'm yours Gregory)
George Mitchell plays B3 on "None So Beautiful"
Enzo Todesco plays Drums & Percussion on "I Die A Little More Each Day". Thanks for all those wonderful concerts, Enzo (watch the loose women)
Tollak Ollestad plays Harmonica on "Walter Whitman Where Are You?"
Tony Selvage, thanks for flying all the way from the big island to help a vampire in need. Your Violin & Viola on "Moon Over Madness" added just the right texture (thanks, my friend)
Gary Catona has broken my head about my vibrato, vocal musculature, Frank Sinatra & Friedrich Nietzsche (by God, some of it may have sunken in, love you my friend)
Mio Fratello, Ross Vannelli, while I was mixing the tracks in L.A., done gave me his house, his car,  his equipment, his son on Sundays and his priceless two cents, all like it was the most natural thing to do (a special love is a brother's love)

This album was recorded ay Inka Studios in Portland, Oregon with Additional Recording at Blue Moon Studio, Agoura Hills, CA
It was also mixed at Blue Moon Studio using Optifile Tetra Automation System
Mastered at Bernie Grundman with Bernie as engineer
This albums was engineered by Doug Durbrow with Additional Engineering by Joe Vannelli
Mixed by Joe Vannelli with Additional Engineering by Doug Durbrow