Cotton, Lloyd And Christian "Cotton, Lloyd And Christian" (1975) -Soft Rock-

Label : 20th Century Fox Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Don't Play With The One Who Loves You (Michael Lloyd)
02 - I Go To Pieces (Del Shannon)
03 - Robot Man* (Chris Christian)
04 - I Can Sing, I Can Dance (Michael Lloyd)
05 - Tommy Medley (Pete Townsend)
06 - You're Gonna Find Love (Michael Lloyd)
07 - Baby Love (Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland)
08 - Mr. Rock 'N' Roll (Darryl Cotton, Michael Lloyd & Jamie Dunn)
09 - Love Me Away* (Chris Christian)
10 - (You've Given Me) Sunshine (Michael Lloyd & Darryl Cotton)

Produced by Mike Curb & Michael Lloyd for Mike Curb Productions
Production Assistance : Darryl Cotton
Produced by Mike Curb, Michael Lloyd & Chris Christian
Engineered by Ed Greene, Michael Lloyd, Humberto Gatica & Kyle
Arranged by Michael Lloyd

Cotton, Lloyd And Christian :
Darryl Cotton
Michael Lloyd
Chris Christian