Brian Howe "Tangled In Blue" (1997) -AOR / Soft Rock-

Label : Touchwood Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - I Remember You (Brian Howe & Mark Spiro)
02 - Where'd She Come From (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
03 - Touch (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
04 - Tangled In Blue (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
05 - Just Because (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
06 - Here They Come Again (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
07 - All I Want Is You (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
08 - How Does It Feel (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
09 - I Will Find A Way (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)
10 - Don't Ask Me Why (Brian Howe & Terry Thomas)

Produced by Terry Thomas & Felix Krish for Vision Records
Executive Producer : Scott Schiff
Terry Thomas : Guitars & Keyboards
Felix Krish : Bass Guitar, Keyboards & Drums
Mick Jones : Guitar ("Don't Ask Me Why")
Douglas Berlent : Piano ("I Remember You")
Chris Hunt : Guitar
Seth Glassman : Bass ("I Remember You")
Backing vocals : Terry Thomas, Felix Krish, Brian Howe & Bob Flemming
The Monks : Brian Howe, Scott Schiff & Billy
Recorded at The Chandos Studios, London, England
With Additional Recording
Produced & Engineered by Warren Schatz at Perfect Sound at Touchwood
Strings Arranged by Mitch Farmer
Recorded at Santa Fe Center Studios, Albuquerque, NM
Engineer : Eric Larsen
Mixed at Unique Recording, New York by Warren Schatz & Scott Schiff
Engineer : Acar S. Key
Assistant Engineer : George Evangeliou
Mastered by Rick Rowe at Media Force, New York, NY