Mark Schultz "All Things Possible" (2012) -CCM-

Label : Mark Schultz

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - All Things Possible (Mark Schultz, Seth Mosley & Tony Wood)
02 - It Is Well (Mark Schultz & Seth Mosley)
03 - One Day (Mark Schultz, Seth Mosley, Doug McKelvey & Mia Fieldes)
04 - I Gave Up (Mark Schultz, Seth Mosley & Mia Fieldes)
05 - Love Walked In (Mark Schultz, Seth Mosley & Mia Fieldes)
06 - More To You Than This (Mark Schultz & Mia Fieldes)
07 - Be Still (Mark Schultz, Seth Mosley & & Phillip LaRue)
08 - What Do You Give A King (Mark Schultz & Paul Alan)
09 - Haven't Met You Yet (Cindy Morgan, Mark Schultz, Tony Wood & Don Poythress)
10 - I Will Love You Still (Mark Schultz & Katie Celauro)

Produced by Seth Mosley
Recorded at Superphonic Studios, Dark Hose Studio & The M. Haus
Engineered & Edited by Ben Phillips, Dave Hagen & Seth Mosley
Additional Editing by Micah Kuiper
"One Day", "I Gave Up", "All Things Possible", "It Is Well" & "More To You Than This"
Drums : Ben Phillips
Bass : Phil Snowden
Guitar : Seth Mosley
Keys : Tim Lauer & Seth Mosley
Programming & Strings : Seth Mosley
Horns : Keith Everette Smith
Background vocals : Julia Ross
"Love Walked In"
Drums : Steven Kadar
Bass : Seth Mosley
Guitar : Seth Mosley
Keys : Tim Lauer & Seth Mosley
Programming : Seth Mosley
Strings : David Henry
Background vocals : Julia Ross
"Be Still"
Drums : Steven Kadar
Bass : Tony Lucido
Guitar, Keys & Programming : Seth Mosley

Produced by Pete Kipley
Programming by Pete Kipley
Recorded at Dark Horse Recording, Beech Creek Studios & beBrilliant by Michael X. O'Connor & Nathan Zwald
"What Do You Give A King" & "I Will Love You Still"
Drums : Jeremy Lutito
Bass : Tony Lucido
Guitars : Tom Bukovac & Pete Kipley
Piano : Tim Akers
"Haven't Met You Yet"
Drums : Jeremy Lutito
Bass : Tony Lucido
Guitars : Pete Kipley
Piano & B3 : Gordon Mote
Background vocals : Ellie Holcomb
"I Will Love You Still"
Piano : Gordon Mote
French Horn : Pete Kipley
Strings Arranged by Dave Davidson
Performed by The Roy G. Big String Vibe
Concertmaster : Dave Davidson

A&R by James Rueger
Mixed by F Reid Shippen & Erik 'Keller' Jahner
Mastered by Dave McNair for Dave McNair Mastering
All Vocals by Mark Schultz ("It Is Well" with Seth Mosley)