Lenny Williams "Pray For The Lion" (1974) -Soul-

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Compared To What (Eugene McDaniels)
02 - Open Book (Lenny Williams)
03 - Sometimes Love (Lenny Williams & Eugene McDaniels)
04 - There's Always Mystery (When You're Making History) (Lenny Williams & David Stallings)
05 - We're Gonna See It Through (Lenny Williams & David Stallings)
06 - River (Eugene McDaniels)
07 - Problem Solver (Lenny Williams & David Stallings)
08 - All That's Love (Milo Adano & Mike Melvoin)
09 - Money (Eugene McDaniels)
10 - Keep On Keeping On (Lenny Williams, Pearl Williams & David Stallings)

Produced by Eugen McDaniels for The Lenny Williams Production Company
Arranged by Mike Melvoin
Rhythm on "There's Always Mystery (When You're Making History)" Co-Arranged by David Stallings
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Lab, Inc., Los Angeles
Engineered by Hank Cicalo
Rhythm :
Bass : Gary King
Drums : Lenny White
Guitar : David Stallings & Dean Parks
Piano : Mike Melvoin
Concert Master of The String Section : Jimmy Getzoff
Horns :
Trumpets : Jimmy Zito & Chuck Findley
Reeds : Jim Horn, Gene Cipriano & Jerome Richardson
Trombone : George Bohannon & Dick 'Slyde' Hyde
French Horn : Vince DeRosa
Trumpet Solo on "Keep On Keeping On" by Jimmy Zito
Background vocals on "Compared To What", "River" & "Keep On Keeping On" by Afreaka, Marcia Smith & Ms. Lady (Carmen, Kathy & Netty)