Chris Rea "God's Great Banana Skin" (1992) -Soft Rock-

Label : East West Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Nothing To Fear (Chris Rea)
02 - Miles Is A Cigarette (Chris Rea)
03 - God's Great Banana Skin (Chris Rea)
04 - 90's Blues (Chris Rea)
05 - Too Much Pride (Chris Rea)
06 - Boom Boom (Chris Rea)
07 - I Ain't The Fool (Chris Rea)
08 - There She Goes (Chris Rea)
09 - I'm Ready (Chris Rea)
10 - Black Dog (Chris Rea)
11 - Soft Top, Hard Shoulder (Chris Rea)

Produced by Chris Rea
Engineered by Neil Amor
Assistants : Philippe Garcia (France) & Simon Wall (Switzerland & England)
This Album was Written & Recorded at Miraval Studios, France & Mixed at The Mill Studios, Berkshire, England
"Soft Top, Hard Shoulder" Written under direction specifically for the film of the same name

The Band :
Chris Rea
Robert Ahwai
Martin Ditcham
Sylvin Marc
Max Middleton

Backing vocals : Valerie Chalmers & Emma Whittle
Guitar Technician : Tommy F.N. Willis