Wendy Waldman "Which Way To Main Street" (1982) -Westcoast Rock-

Label : Epic Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Heartbeat (Wendy Waldman & Eric Kaz)
02 - We'll See In The End (Wendy Waldman)
03 - X-Ray Eyes (Wendy Waldman)
04 - You Said It Wasn't Me (Wendy Waldman & Josh Leo)
05 - Time Like Your Wire Wheels (Wendy Waldman)
06 - Fighting It Out In The Heart Of The City (Wendy Waldman)
07 - Lovin' You Out Of My Life (Wendy Waldman)
08 - Gotta Get Over You (Wendy Waldman)
09 - Does Anybody Want To Marry Me (Wendy Waldman)
10 - Which Way To Main Street (Wendy Waldman)

Wendy Waldman : Vocals, Piano & Guitar
Mark Goldenberg : Guitar, Lead Guitar, Synthesizer & Keyboards
John Regan : Bass
Harry Stinson : Drums & Percussion
Peter Frampton : Solo "Heartbeat"
James House : Support Vocals
Produced by Eddie Kramer for Remarkable Productions, Inc.
Recorded at Cherokee Studios, L.A.
Engineered by Eddie Kramer, Bard Gilderman & Larry Rebhun
Mixed at Electric Lady Studio, N.Y.C.
Mixed by Eddie Kramer, Brad Samuelsohn & Dave Wittman
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, N.Y.C.