Red Rider "As Far As Siam" (1981) -AOR-

Label : Capitol Records

Drapeau du Canada 01 - Lunatic Fringe (Tom Cochrane)
02 - Cowboys In Hong Kong (Tom Cochrane, Ken Greer & Rob Baker)
03 - Only Game In Town (Tom Cochrane)
04 - Thru The Curtain (Tom Cochrane, Rob Baker, Jeff Jones, Peter Boynton & Ken Greer)
05 - What Have You Got To Do (To Get Off Tonight)* (Tom Cochrane)
06 - Ships (Tom Cochrane)
07 - Caught In The Middle (Tom Cochrane)
08 - Don't Let Go Of Me (Tom Cochrane)
09 - Laughing Man* (Tom Cochrane & Jeff Jones)

Produced by Richard Landis
*Produced by Michael James Jackson
Recorded at :
Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA by Joe Chiccarelli, Assisted by Richard McKernan
Location Recorders, Burbank, CA by Joe Chiccarelli
Additional Recording by Michael Verdick
Eastern Sound, Toronto, Canada by Mike Jones, Jim Nipar & Fraser Hill
Mixed at Village Recorders, West Los Angeles, CA by Joe Chiccarelli, Assisted by Karen Siegel
Mastered at Capitol Records, Inc., Hollywood, CA by Wally Traugott

Red Rider are :
Rob Baker : Drums, Additional Percussion, Harmonica on "Lunatic Fringe"
Peter Boynton : Piano, Synthesizers, Organ & Vocals
Tom Cochrane : Lead vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ken Greer : Electric, Steel & Six String Guitars, Piano, Organ
Jeff Jones : Bass Guitar & Background vocals

Additional Percussion : Steve Forman & Michael James Jackson
Additional Synthesizers : Peter Wolf on "Lunatic Fringe", "Only Game In Town" & "Don't Let Go Of Me"
Additional Keyboards : Jaï Winding on "Ships" & "Only Game In Town"
Acoustic Guitar : George Doering on "Only Game In Town", "Ships" & "Don't Let Go Of Me"
String Arrangements on "Ships" : Charles Calello