Ralph MacDonald "Counterpoint" (1979) -Westcoast Jazz Funk / Soul-

Label : T.K. Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - I Need Someone (Ralph MacDonald & William Salter)
02 - You Are In Love (Ralph MacDonald & William Salter)
03 - Tell The Truth (Ralph MacDonald & William Salter)
04 - Discolypso (Joe Brown)
05 - Always Something Missing (C. Jenkins & Arthur Jenkins Jr.)
06 - East Dry River (Ralph MacDonald, William Salter & Tom Scott)

Produced by Ralph MacDonald, William Salter & William Eaton
Rhythm Tracks Arranged by Ralph MacDonald (except "I Need Someone" by William Eaton)
Horns, Strings & Background Vocals Arranged by William Eaton (except "Discolypso" Arranged by Joe Brown & Orchestrated by Frankie Francis)
Recorded at Rosebud Recording, Inc.
Engineered by Richard Alderson 
Assisted by Eddie Heath Jr.
Mixed by Richard Alderson & Ralph MacDonald
Mastered by George Marino
Album Coordinator : Diane Johnson
Assisted by Linda Kyser
Lyricon Recorded at Crimson Sound, Santa Monica, Calif.
Engineered by Hank Cicalo
Assisted by Milt Calice
Congas, Syndrum Timbales & All Percussions : Ralph MacDonald
Drums : Harvey Mason ("You Are In Love")
Guitar : Eric Gale
Bass : Eric Gale ("Tell The Truth", "You Are In Love" & "East Dry River")
Bass : Joe Brown ("Discolypso" & "Always Something Missing")
Bass : Will Lee ("I Need Someone")
Piano : Richard Tee
Organ & Clavinet : Arthur Jenkins Jr. ("Always Something Missing")
Solos :
Tenor Saxophone : Grover Washington Jr. ("I Need Someone")
Steel Pan : Robert Greenidge ("Discolypso" & "East Dry River")
Lyricon : Tom Scott ("East Dry River")
Lead vocals : Ralph MacDonald ("Discolypso"), Zachary Sanders ("I Need Someone", "Tell The Truth" & "Always Something Missing")
Background vocals : William Eaton, Zachary Sanders, Frank Floyd & Ken Williams
Horns : Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Ronald Cuber, Jon Faddis, Howard Johnson, Tom Malone, Barry Rogers, David Sanborn & Harold Vick
Strings : K. LaMar Alsop, Julien Barber, Selwart Clarke, Lewis Eley, Leo Kahn, Guy Lumia, Kermit Moore, Eugene More, Marvin Morgenstern, Gene Orloff, Anthony Posk & Lenore Weinstock