Johnny Lee "Bet Your Heart On Me" (1981) -Country Rock-

Label : Elektra/Asylum Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Bet Your Heart On Me (Jim McBride)
02 - Finally Fallin' (John Scott Sherrill, Bobby Whitaker & Len Chiriacka)
03 - Somebody Like You (John Scott Sherrill & Bob Di Piero)
04 - Be There For Me Baby (Charlie Black & Tommy Rocco)
05 - I've Come A Long Way (But I Got A Long Way To Go) (Richard Leigh)
06 - Highways Run On Forever (Johnny Lee)
07 - A Little Bit Of Lovin' (Rafe Van Hoy & Deborah Allen)
08 - Crossfire (Jerry Careaga & Dick Holler)
09 - How Deep In Love Am I (Bob McDill)
10 - When You Fall In Love (John Scott Sherrill & Steve Farle)

Produced by Jim Ed Norman for HIN-JEN Productions
Recorded by Eric Prestidge at Producers Workshop
Assisted by John Rosenthal, Ben Rodgers & Russ Castillo
Recorded by Marshall Morgan at Audio Media Recorders
Additional Recording by Miles Grandfield at Heritage Studio
Mixed by Eric Prestidge at Westlake Audio
Assisted by Matt Forger
Mastered by Ken Perry at Capitol Records
Shelly Kurland Strings
Concertmaster : Carl Gorodetzsky

Drums : Matt Botton & Eddie Bayers
Percussion : Buzz Buchanan
Bass : Dave McDaniels & Joe Osborn
Electric Guitar : James Burton, Paul Worley & Josh Leo
Acoustic Guitar : Fred Tackett, Josh Leo, John Leslie Hug, Rafe Van Hoy & Paul Worley
Steel Guitar : Sonny Garrish
Electric Piano : Brian Whitcomb
Keyboards : Dennis Burnside
Background vocals : Dennis Wilson, Jessica Boucher, Paul Worley, Larry Keith, Herb Pedersen, Linda Dillard & Denny Brooks
Strings Arranged & Conducted by Bergen White on "When You Fall In Love" & "I've Come A Long Way"