Wang Chung "Mosaic" (1986) -Soft Rock / Synth Pop-

Label : Geffen Records

Drapeau du Royaume-Uni 01 - Everybody Have Fun Tonight (Wang Chung & Peter Wolf)
02 - Hypnotize Me (Wang Chung)
03 - The Flat Horizon (Wang Chung)
04 - Betrayal (Wang Chung & Peter Wolf)
05 - Let's Go (Wang Chung)
06 - Eyes Of The Girl (Wang Chung)
07 - A Fool And His Money (Michael Leeson, Peter Vale, Jack Hues & Peter Wolf)
08 - The World In Which We Live (Wang Chung)

Produced & Arranged by Peter Wolf
"Mosaic" was Recorded in London at Videosonics
Engineered by Brian Malouf far from home, Assisted by Tim Alban 
And in Vienna at Sound Mill Studios
Engineered by Peter Müller, Assisted on one occasion by Marvin Wolf 
Mixed in Tarzana, CA & Can-Am Recorders by Brian Malouf, Assisted by Jim Dineen
"Hypnotize Me" Mixed at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood, CA, Assisted by Steve Ford
Originally Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood
Wang Chung are Jack Hues & Nick Feldman
Jack Hues : Lead vocal, Guitar & Keyboards
Nick Feldman : Additional Lead vocals on "Let's Go", Vocals, Bass, Guitar & Keyboards
Peter Wolf : Drums, Keyboards, Synclavier & Choral Voices
Overseen by Machmud, Corrected by Al
The Horns :
Harry Sokal : Soprano, Alto & Tenor Sax
Otmar Klein : Alto & Tenor Sax
Hannes Kottek : Trumpet
Herbert Graf : Baritone Sax
Additional Guitar on "Hypnotize Me" : Dan Huff
The Singers : Siedah Garrett, Julia Tillman Waters, Ina Wolf, Oren Waters, Phil Perry, Joe Pizzulo, Michael McDonald, Phillip Ingram & Kevin Dorsey - The Basement
Voice of Woman on "The Flat Horizon" : Siedah Garrett
Voice of Man on "A Fool And His Money" : Michael McDonald
Celebrity Voices Impersonated
John Kalodner : John Kalodner