Todd O "2000 Years" (2000) -Soft Rock-

Label : Blue Fish Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - The Greatness In Me (Todd O)
02 - Odd Time (Todd O)
03 - Carry On (Todd O)
04 - When You Are By My Side (Todd O)
05 - Race Against Time (Todd O)
06 - Living On The Main Line (Todd O)
07 - Clear Blue Skies (Todd O)
08 - Rotten In Denmark (Todd O)
09 - Prayer For The Suffering (Todd O & & Ed Bradley)
10 - Down By The River (Todd O)
11 - Just Fly (Todd O)
12 - Lost In Freedom Land (Todd O & Geoff Kohler)
13 - Thank God I'm Still Alive (Todd O)
14 - Be Still My Soul (Jean Sibelius & Katharina Von Scheleger)

Vocals, Keyboards & Percussion : Todd O
Bass : Brian Byrd
Drums : Mark Holahan
Guitars : Chet Makowski
Trumpet & Flugelhorn : Rick Kerber
Soprano, Alto, Tenor Saxes & Flutes : Ron Kerber
Percussion : Orlando Haddad

Produced by Todd O
Engineered & Mixed by John Alexander of Soundworks Inc.
Mastered by Pete Humphries of Masterworks

"Thank God I'm Still Alive", "Odd Time", "Race Against Time", "Living On The Main Line", "Carry On", "When You Are By My Side", "Prayer For The Suffering" & "Be Still My Soul" 
Rhythm Tracks & All Overdubs Recorded at Sound Works Inc. / Drexel Hill, PA

"Just Fly", "Clear Blue Skies", "The Greatness In Me", "Rotten In Denmark", "Lost In Freedom Land" & "Down By The River"
Rhythm Tracks Recorded by Don Antonelli at Alemeda Studios / Broomall, PA