Sierra "Story Of Life" (1998) -CCM-

Label : Star Song Records

Drapeau des États-Unis 01 - Story Of Life (Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick & Jerry McPherson)
02 - Pray For Me (Wendi Foy Green & Joel Hanson)
03 - Following On (Wendi Foy Green, Gayla Borders & Jeff Borders)
04 - What I See (Leonard Ahlstrom & Brad O'Donnell)
05 - Perfect Love (Wendi Foy Green, Jimmie Lee Sloas & Gordon Kennedy)
06 - Color My World (Jackie Trans & Tony Harch)
07 - Broken Things (Julie Miller)
08 - Willing To Walk (Lowell Alexander, Jennifer Hendrix & Jeff Silvey)
09 - Without Love (Wendi Foy Green & Joel Hanson)
10 - When I Consider (Wendi Foy Green & Carolyn Arends)

Produced by Gordon Kennedy
Executive Producer : John Mays
Recorded by Steve Bishir at The Bennet House
Assisted by Shawn McLean & Hank Nirider
"Story Of Life" Recorded at Sound Emporium
Overdubs Recorded at Sondance Studio & Seventeen Grand
Additional Recording by Shane Wilson & Glenn Spinner
Mixed by Steve Bishir at Seventeen Grand 
Assisted by Greg Parker
Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix

Alll Vocals Performed by Sierra :
Wendi Foy Green
Deborah Schnelle
Jennifer Hendrix

Musicians :
Drums : Steve Brewster
Bass : Jimmie Lee Sloas
Guitars : Gordon Kennedy & Jerry McPherson
Additional Guitars on "Without Love" & "Pray For Me" : Joel Hanson
Keyboards : Blair Masters
Programming on "When I Consider" : Blair Masters
Percussion on "What I See" & "Perfect Love" : Chris McHugh