Paul Janz "Electricity" (1987) -AOR-

Label : A&M Records

Drapeau de l'Allemagne 01 - One Night (It All It Takes) (Paul Janz & Pamela Phillips Oland)
02 - Electricity (Paul Janz & Pamela Phillips Oland)
03 - I Won't Cry (Paul Janz)
04 - We Touch (Paul Janz & Pamela Phillips Oland)
05 - I'll Be Your Eyes (Paul Janz & Pamela Phillips Oland)
06 - Send Me A Miracle (Paul Janz & Elizabeth Janz)
07 - Believe In Me (Paul Janz)
08 - I Go To Pieces (Paul Janz)
09 - Angel (Paul Janz & Pamela Phillips Oland)
10 - Alien (Paul Janz & Elizabeth Janz)
11 - One Last Lie (Paul Janz & Elizabeth Janz)

Produced by Paul Janz
Mixed by Greg Ladanyi
"I'll Be Your Eyes" Mixed by Bob Rock & Mike Fraser
Paul Janz : Lead vocals, Background vocals, Keyboards & Percussion
Tim McKenzie : Guitars
Bob Press : Bass
Michael Roots : Drums
Rob Bailey & Colin Wiebe : Keyboards on tour
Chief Recording Engineers : Mike Fraser & Dave Slagter
Additional Engineering : Greg Ladanyi, Bob Rock, Lindsay Kidd & Patrick Glover
Assisting Engineering : Gary Tole, Duane Seykoro, Ken Lomas, Michelle Garuik & Bob Levy
Associate Production on cuts 01, 03, 06, 07 : Dave Pickell
Recorded at Little Mountain Sound Studios, Inside Trak Studios & The Complex
Mixed at The Complex, Little Mountain Sound Studios & Record One
Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab
Dave Pickell : Additional Keyboards & Acoustic Piano
Marc Lafrance : Additional Background vocals on "We Touch", "Alien" & "One Last Lie"
Brian Newcombe : Bass on "I Won't Cry" & "Believe In Me"
Peter Clarke : Bass on "I Go To Pieces"
Bob Glaub : Bass on "One Night"
Harris Van Berkel : Guitar on "I Go To Pieces"
Richard Elliot : Sax on "Angel"
Chris Taylor : Drums on "I Go To Pieces"
Jim McGillveray : Percussion on "I Go To Pieces"
The Sterling School Choir performs on "Believe In Me"